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Default Re: Your Best 3 Aviaton Shots

Originally Posted by madmxe View Post
Thanks for the AF and panning tips. Will try them. You dont really need that technique with a mountain
I have a 7D and the lens I would shot planes with are the 100-400L and 24-105L lens.
Your 3 photos of the big jets are great. I live in San Diego and it is really hard to find a place to take pictures like that. If anyone knows a place here or by LAX where you can snap some pics I would love to hear about them. Lindberg used to have a restaurant next to the runway that was just great but a biz jet place took it over.
And I will practice and one day put something up here. Hopefully
I'm using a 40D and the 100-400L, so you shouldn't have any problem getting good quality shots with your gear - I'm looking forward to seeing your work.

I'm not familiar with spotting in the San Diego area, but LAX has some of the best spotting around - I need to get out there one of these days. For a guide to spotting around LAX, check out

And check out the forum at NYCAviation as well - we have members from all over, not just New York, so you can probably find someone to give you some advice for your area.
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