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Default Re: Got a Nikon? Share your thoughts and photos here or ask a question! (II)

Originally Posted by KenjiS View Post
Yeh, Pretty much all my canon gear would probubly net me around $4500...

So maybe i could irk out 2 lenses... theres no way i can come close to replicating my coverage without going with a D7000

50 f/1.8G
105VR(or Sigma 150 OS)

Could manage that maybe... I mean ok in the past i worked with solely a 105 macro to my name for half a year, but i dont wanna go back there!
That's what I'm going with initially. Well two new lenses and my 105 but I have the non-VR version and it cost me half the price. If you can get away with those two lenses for a bit I would do it.
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