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Default Re: How do you respond to "Why Canon over Nikon?"

Originally Posted by rick_reno View Post
I don't, I've never been asked that question.
Once this guy I know saw me shooting with a Canon and said, "I thought you knew what you were doing."

My response? I just laughed along with him. The whole "Canon vs Nikon" thing can be sort of fun in a geeky techno-elitism sort of way, like egging a friend on for using a PC instead of a Mac, but I've never considered myself a gearhead. I don't take the issue the least bit seriously. Canon works just fine. Is Nikon better? Maybe. But I'm not rolling in the dough. So unless someone wnts to hand me a big wad of money to make the switch, I've got far better uses for my money than switching brands. Until then, I'm sticking with what I've got. People shoot damn fine images with Canon, and I can do the same. When I fail to do that, I don't blame Canon. Likewise, when I get great shots, I (not Canon) get the credit.
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