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Default Re: clik obscura - just ordered it - should I cancel?

Well, you can shoehorn the 7D into the bag, but it is not really practical to get in and out in under a minute...I do like the Probody sport. It's a smaller bag, but you should be able to fit your gear in it without any problem. It really comes down to how much pack and gear you want to haul around.

If you go to the Clik website, they have a pretty good chart of what will fit in what bags, but if all else fails, just give them a call. They are a small company in Utah, and whoever answers the phone will be able to steer you in the right direction. After I got the Obscura, I was pissed that it wouldn't work for my 7D, so I called the company to voice my opinions, and Joe was very helpful in getting me into the Contrejour. He even gave me a price break and got it to ship out that day, as I was leaving for a skiing trip at the end of the week.
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