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Default LR move pictures or create collections

Using LR 3 - I have a set photos divided into subfolders based on photo type ie.
parent folder = glamour
subfolders (typical) = topless, boudoir, nude, lingerie etc....

I also have a folder Pending where I place my pictures before categorizing them or adding them to the LR cat.

When I import the Pending (new) pictures into the catalogue can I get LR to automatically move the pictures to the corresponding subfolder to suit the category. What would be the best way to assign the category to the pictures, presently I just move them manually to the appropriate folder/subfolder. Two assign keywords to match the category I assume they need importing into LR Cat first ?

Would it be easier and more efficient just to leave them in the original folders then just Sync the folders in the catalogue and then add them to the appropriate collection manually.....

TIA for any help or suggestions
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