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Default Re: The -=Official=- gear-list / Sig thread

ACTIVE Cameras (Digital)

SONY α700 (APS-C) 12.2 MP w/ VG-C70AM Vertical Grip {Sept 25, 2007}
SONY α850 (FF) 24.6 MP w/ VG-C90AM Vertical Grip {Sept 1, 2009}

Rear: 8mm f/3.5, 14mm f/2.8, 20mm f/1.8, 90mm f/2.8, 135mm f/1.8, 180mm f/3.5, 200mm f/2.8

Front: 24mm f/2.8, 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4

"MY PRIME FAMILY SHOT" (not all inclusive)

SONY/Minolta Glass (Some are "hot-linked" to MFR) (MFD="Minimum Focus Distance")


8mm f/3.5 "Fisheye" BOWER (Samyang) MF (SONY APS-C) (filter N/A) {Aug 2009} (South Korea)
14mm f/2.8 Aspherical (IF) Rectilinear TAmROn SP AF (Minolta AF) (filter N/A - uses rear gel holder) (MFD=7-in.) {Jun 2009} (Japan)
20mm f/1.8 (D) EX Aspherical DG DF RF SIGMA AF (°82mm-filter) {May 2009} (Japan)
f/2.8 Minolta AF (°55mm-filter) {Aug 2008} (Japan)
28mm f/2.8 Minolta AF (°49mm-filter) {Oct 1985} (Japan)
35mm f/1.8 DT SONY AF SAL-35F18 (°55mm-filter) {Sept 2010}
35mm f/2.8 Tilt & Shift MC ARAX (SONY) (°62mm-filter) (MFD=9.6-in.) {Apr 2010} (Russia)
50mm f/1.4 SONY AF SAL-50F14 (SONY) (°55mm filter) (MFD=1.5-ft) {Nov 2007} (China)
60mm f/2 Di-II MACRO 1:1 TAmROn SP AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°55mm-filter) (MFD=1-in.) {May 2011} (Japan)
85mm f/1.4 Rokinon MF (°72mm-filter) {Oct 2009} (South Korea)
85mm f/1.4 SIGMA (SONY)(°77mm-filter) {May 2011} (Japan)
85mm f/2.8 SONY AF SAL-85F28 (°67mm-filter) (MFD=2-ft.) {Sept 2010}
90mm f/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 TAmROn SP AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°55mm-filter) (MFD=1-in.) {Oct 2007} (Japan)
135mm f/1.8 SONY AF SAL-135F18Z - Carl Zeiss« Sonnar« T* (SONY) (°77mm filter) (MFD=2.4-ft) {Jul 2008} (Japan)
135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] STF (Smooth Transition Focus) SONY MF (Minolta/SONY) (°72mm filter) (MFD=2.85-ft) {Dec 2009} (Japan)
180mm f/3.5 Di LD (IF) MACRO 1:1 TAmROn SP AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°72mm-filter) (MFD=10-in.) {Sept 2007} (Japan)
200mm f/2.8 APO G HS Minolta AF (°72mm-filter) (MFD=5-ft) {Aug 2009} (Japan)
500mm(1000mm) f/8(f/16) T-mount Reflex Lens Vivitar MF (SONY/Minolta) (°30.5mm (rear) & °72mm-filter)
800mm f/8 T-mount Reflex Lens Pro-Optic MF (SONY/Minolta) (°34mm (rear)) & (°112mm-filter)
2032mm f/10 T-mount Reflex Lens Celestron "NexSTAR 8SE" MF (SONY/Minolta)


(APS-C sensor)

j. 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM SIGMA (SONY) (°77mm-filter) (MFD=9.4-in) {Jan 2008} (Japan)

Back Row: a, b, c, d, e, f, g
Front Row: h, i, j

(FF sensor)

h. 12~24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG ASPHERICAL SIGMA AF (SONY) (May 2010)
i. 17~35mm f/2.8-4 (D) Konica-Minolta AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°77mm-filter) (MFD=1.0-ft){July 2008} (Japan)
f. 24~70mm f/2.8 IF EX DG HSM SIGMA AF (SONY) (°82mm-filter) (May 2010)
d. 28~75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) TAmROn SP AF (SONY) (°67mm-filter) (MFD=1.1-ft){July 2008} (Japan)
g. 70~200mm f/2.8 Di LD (IF) MACRO TAmROn SP AF (SONY) (77mm-filter) (MFD=38in) (September 2008 ) (Japan)
a. 70~400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM (IF) SONY (Minolta/SONY) (°77mm-filter) {July 2010} (Japan)
c. 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 AT-X 840 Tokina AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°72mm-filter) (Japan)
e. 200~500mm f/5-6.3 Di LD TAmROn SP AF (SONY) (°86mm-filter) (MFD=10-ft) {July 2008} (Japan)


20~35mm f/3.5-4.5 Tokina AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°72mm-filter) {Apr 2006} (Japan) - Not shown - AF Micro Adjust = -20
28~200mm f/3.8-5.6 TAmROn "Powermaster" AF original "All-in-one" zoom - Not shown -(SONY/Minolta AF) (°72mm-filter) (MFD=6.9-ft, although w/ close-up filter ... 3.5 feet){Jan 1994} (Japan) - Not shown -
35~70mm f/4 MACRO Minolta AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°49mm-filter) (MFD=3-ft) {Mar 2000} (Japan) - Not shown - AF Micro Adjust = -5
70~210mm f/4.5 Ozunon AF (SONY/Minolta AF) (°55mm-filter) (MFD = 5-ft) {Sep 1986} (Japan) - Not shown - will not operate on SONY focus drive screw

When it comes to lenses: "If you can afford them, buy 'em!" If you cannot, I suggest you get a whole hell of a lot better at wielding image editing software.


Phoenix 0.45x Teleconverter (screw-on lens) (°49, °52, °55, °58, & °62mm-filter adapters)
TAmROn-F AF1.4X Teleconverter (SONY/Minolta AF)
Generic AF2X Teleconverter (SONY/Minolta)
Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 "DG" AF 3x Teleconverter (SONY/Minolta AF)


Katz Eye Manual Focusing Screen for the α700 w/ OptiBright Treatment and "Rule of Thirds" grid.


TAmROn Adaptall 2 MF Glass (works on SONY/Minolta AF bodies. Or any other Adaptall 2 body adapter provided.)

135mm f/2.5 (°58mm-filter) (MFD=4-ft)
200mm f/3.5 (°58mm-filter) (MFD=5.6-ft) (Japan)
70-210mm f/4-5.6 (°62mm-filter) (discontinued 1998 ) (MFD=3-ft) (Japan)
T200-500mm f/6.9 (°82mm-filter) (discontinued 1984) (MFD=10-ft) (Japan)
2x Adapter {June 2007}


Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope w/ astrophotography accessories , optics & adapter ($1366) {Oct 2010}

Flash & Lighting

Pixel "KING" (for SONY) {1x transmitter/4x receiver} {July 2012}
PocketWizard PLUS II (5x) Phono-sized Flash Sync cable {July 2007}
Metz mecablitz 76 MZ-5 digital SCA Flash unit w/ SCA 3302 M7 adapter
Metz mecablitz 76 'Rechargeable' Power Pack P76
Metz mecablitz 76 MZ-5 Second 'Rechargeable' Battery

SONY HVL-F58AM {Aug 2009}
SONY HVL-F56AM {Aug 2006}
SONY HVL-F20AM {Sep 2009}
SONY HVL-RLAM {Jul 2008}
Minolta 2800AF {Oct 1985}
Minolta 4000AF (2 copies) {Mar 1987 & Sep 2000}
Minolta CG1000 {May 1992}
Gary Fong Whale-Tail (discontinued)
Harbor Digital Design Ultimate Light Box Diffuser ProPack
Honi Photo 1/8" Speed Grid
Speedotron 22" BEAUTY DISH Reflector - customized for Calumet Travelite mount (Oct 2010)
Calumet 13.5' light stand (3x) w/ case,
Calumet 9' light stand (3x),
Calumet 1000W Bravo Light V1000 focusing quartz halogen (3x),
Calumet 750W Travelites (3x),
Calumet 125W Travelite,
Calumet Umbrella reflectors (3x),
Calumet Sync cords w/ case (2x)
Calumet Telescopic ZipDisc holder (4x)
Calumet 42" Translucent ZipDisc w/ reversible sleeve (2x)
Calumet 13.5' heavy-duty backdrop stand w/10' x 12' washable 'Stone' and 'Midnight' and non-washable white, black and green Chroma Key backdrops.
Morris Master AC Slave with PC sync cord
Morris Screw-On Color Filter Set
12" Ezybalance Target - 18% grey card

Calumet/Red Wing Cocoon 70 Lighting Tent
Calumet Cocoon 80S Lighting Tent (Pop-up Cube)

Light Meter
Sekonic L-558R {Sep 2006}

Color Management
X-Rite Eye-One Photo LT {Sept 2007}

Hague MPH 360 USB-controlled, Robotic Tilt/Pan Tripod Head
Slik Mini-Tripod w/ Manfrotto RC2 Adapter w/3157N
bogen - Manfrotto 3021N Tripod
bogen - Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 Tripod
bogen - Manfrotto 682 Monopod w/ removable tripod footing
bogen - Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan-Tilt Head w/ quick release plate
bogen - Manfrotto 3265RC2 Grip-ball head w/ quick release plate
bogen - Manfrotto 486RC2 Ball head w/ quick release plate
bogen - Manfrotto 468MGRC2 Magnesium Hydrostatic Ball head w/ quick release plate
Calumet CK7075 Gimbal Head - Twin axis

LowePro Nature Trekker AW II {Nov 2006}
Tamrac 5258 CyberPack 8 {Aug 2007}
Tamrac Velocity 8x Pro Sling Pack {Aug 2007}
Tamrac Velocity 9x Pro Sling Pack {Sep 2008}
Tamrac Velocity 10x Pro Sling Pack {Jul 2010}
LowePro LC4 Lens case
LowePro LC5 Lens case

Post Processing Software Solution
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 {Aug 2007}
- Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium {Aug 2008} - includes
After Effects« CS3 Professional,
Adobe Premiere
« Pro CS3,
Photoshop« CS3 Extended,
Flash« CS3 Professional,
Illustrator« CS3,
SoundboothÖ CS3, and
Encore« CS3, and also includes
Dynamic Link,
Device Central CS3,
OnLocationÖ CS3, and
Ultra« CS3

- Adobe Lightroom 2 {Aug 2008}
- Adobe Acrobat 3D Version 9 {Aug 2008}

Portable Storage
EPSON P3000 40GB Multimedia Viewer {Aug 2007}

Compact Flash
Transcend 32GB - 133x (for use in a700)
Transcend 16GB - 133x (for use in a700)
ProSpec UDMA 16GB - 305x (for use in a850)
ProSpec UDMA 32GB - 420x (for use in a850)
ProSpec UDMA 64GB - 420x (for use in a850)

SONY Memory Stick
PRO Duo 8 GB (backup in a850)

SONY AC Support
AC-VQ900AM AC Adaptor/Charger

Remote Control Extension
USB110 EXT USB-Extender
Belden 150-ft Ethernet Cat5e patch cable

Output Device - printing

EPSON P3800 - 8x color 80mL cartridges {Sept 2007}
Canon iP6600 - 6x color 13mL cartridges {Oct 2005}

Cokin Creative Filter System A/P
A/P 001 COEF. +1/3 Yellow
A/P 002 COEF. + 1 Orange
P 003 COEF. + 3 Red
A/P 005 COEF. + 3 Sepia
A 020 COEF + 2 Blue (80A)
P 023 COEF. + 1/3 Blue (82A)
A/P 026 COEF. + 1/3 Warm (81A)
P 027 COEF. + 1/3 Warm (81B)
A/P 028 COEF. + 1/3 Warm (81C)
A 029 COEF. + 2/3 Orange (85)
A 030 COEF. + 2/3 Orange (85B)
A 036 FL-W
A 040 Diffractor Cosmos
A/P 056 Star 8
P 057 Star 4
P 059 Soft Star
P 061 Spot Incolor 2
A 063 Spot Grey 2
A/P 064 Spot Violet
P 065 Spot Green
P 066 Spot Orange
P 067 Spot Blue
A/P 068 Spot Red
P 070 Spot W.A. Incolor 1
P 071 Spot W.A. Incolor 2
P 072 Spot W.A. Grey 1
P 074 Spot W.A. Violet
P 076 Spot W.A. Orange
P 077 Spot W.A. Blue
A 083 Diffuser 1
A/P 084 Diffuser 2
P 092 Dreams 2
P 093 Dreams 3
P 103 Close-up +3D
P 120 Gradual G1
A 123 Gradual B2
A 128 Gradual P1
A 129 Gradual P2
A 131 Gradual E2
A/P 132 Gradual Y1
A 133 Gradual Y2
A 140 Oval Spot White
A 141 Oval Spot Black
P 148 White Wedding
P 149 Black Wedding
A 160 COEF. + 1 2/3 Pola
A 161 Pola Red
A 163 Pola Yellow
A 164 Polarizer
A 170 Pola Red-Green
A 172 Pola Purple-Orange
A 173 Pola Blue-Yellow
P 185 Radial Zoom
P 196 Rainbow 2
A 198 Sunset 2
A 201 Multi-Image x5
A 203 Multi-Image x13
A/P 204 Multi-Image x25
A/P 216 Speed
A/P 346 Double Exposure
A 354 Spot 2 Colors B/Y
A 375 Linear
A 674 Creative Filters
Standard screw-on lens filters
B+W Kaesemann CP
TIFFEN HT Ultra Clear

Yeah ... all of the above, just because my camera bag had a pouch.

Semi-Retired Cameras (35mm-film)

Canon EOS-3 (35mm) Camera body w/PB-E2 {Apr 2006}
Minolta SRT-101 (35mm) (1974)
Minolta Maxxum 7000 (35mm) w/Prog Back 70 (Oct 1985}
Minolta Maxxum 9000 (35mm) w/MD-90/BP-90 & Prog Super Back 90 {June 1987}
Minolta Maxxum 9000 (35mm) w/MD-90/BP-90 & Prog Super Back 90 {July 1987}
Minolta Maxxum 9000 (35mm) w/AW-90 & CG1000 {Jan 1989}
Minolta Maxxum 9000 (35mm) w/EB-90 (100-shot) {Jan 1988}

Contributions to "the cause" ('cause I want them) will be happily accepted.

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