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Default Re: DPP and my 5D on Mac?

Version 2.7.2 of EOS Utility supports the 5D, but it has a bug that can screw up firmware updates. I researched this a month or so ago, I think from the same source John from PA points to and some others.

You can, and I did, update the 5D firmware by copying a file to the CF card, without using EOS Utility. Nonetheless, I would be very leery of having 2.7.2 on a production machine in case there's some kind of automatic update procedure that could brick the camera.

Snow Leopard and later have tethering and upload support built in to the OS. Image Capture can both upload to a specific folder (by default ~/Pictures) and shoot tethered to a folder. I think the second is hidden under the File menu or somewhere. I tried it with my 5D on Snow Leopard and it works. Apple seem to have built this from scratch.

Adobe used Canon's library so Lightroom can't tether the 5D any more.

And no, this is not acceptable behaviour from Canon when they marketed the 5D as "professional" or for "serious amateurs".

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