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Default Re: -=Lens Sample Images Archive=- (work in progress)

Originally Posted by Samdiver74 View Post
What about adding the Canon 28 - 300 L IS
Does anyone even own one?
I am seriously thinking about getting one, to replace my Sigma 70 - 300 f/4 -f/5.6 DG lens and Sigma 28 - 70 f/2.8-f/4 lens
at $2100 + it is a lot of money to drop if it is not that good.

Also what about adding the MP-E 65mm 1 - 5X macro lens and sample images
Originally Posted by goatee View Post
I'd just love to see some sample images from the MP-E 65!
All you have to do is start the thread and either post the link here or send me a PM and I will add it.
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