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Lightbulb Re: some fun this morning

Equipment needed

Camera with wide angle lens
Remote release

Step 1
Choose your location - pref with a constant light source and setup the camera with the remote release attached

Step 2
Set exposure and focus for the scene, focus somewhere in the middle - i focused on the right hand edge of my TFT. Disable Auto focus. I shot with a aperature of f10, giving me an exposure of 1sec @ ISO100..

Step 3
Set the camera to time delay shutter and press the shutter release and quickly get into position

Step 4
Repeat step 3 until you think you've nailed enough shots to get a good set up.

Step 5
Open pics in Photoshop and drag them into the first pic, try and put them in an order so that the furthest pose away from the camera is first and then build upwards so the closest pose is at the top of the stack.

Using the lasso tool - freehand or polygon - select each pose and feather 5px then hit the layer mask button in the layers pallet.

repeat for each layer, some layers may be more complex than others to hide, so grab the brush tool and paint away unwanted areas

because you're setup on a tripod and unless you have a moving scene, for the most, the selection doesn't have to be all that great

and now you're all asking what's Layer 4! well i figured i'd cast a shadow on myself from behind looking over my shoulder, so i added a shadowed area over my ear and neck

and yes Goatee, i had to have the door open to shoot the scene..
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