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Default Re: The -=Official=- gear-list / Sig thread

Canon daily user kit:

Note: underlined items are my regular use kit.

- Canon Digital SLRs:
EOS 5D Mark II w/BG-E6, EG-D Focus Screen
EOS 7D w/BG-E7, Arca-Swiss QR plate (Kirk)
EOS 7D w/BG-E7, A-S QR plate (Kirk)
EOS 50D w/BG-E2N, A-S QR plate, EF-D Focus Screen, WFT-E3A
EOS 50D w/BG-E2N, A-S QR plate, EF-D Focus Screen, WFT-E3A
EOS 50D w/BG-E2N, A-S QR plate, EF-D Focus Screen
EOS 30D w/BG-E2, E1 hand strap, A-S QR plate
EOS 30D w/BG-E2, E1, A-S QR plate
EOS 10D w/BG-ED3, E1, A-S QR plate
Six BP511/BP511A per camera: 10/30/50D, five chargers.
Four LP-E6 per camera: 5D Mk II & 7Ds, four chargers.
Note: I really like pairing up 1.6X and FF cameras. The 7D is a very good matchup with the 5D MkII - thanks to shared battery tech, same memory used, similar control layout, features, etc. I struggled with learning the AF system on 7D, but am now getting consistent results, so I'll likely be selling off the 10D, 30D, 50D and their specific accessories soon. I really don't need nine DSLRs!

- Canon Film SLRs:
EOS-3 w/PB-E2, E1, grid screen, A-S style QR plate
EOS-3 w/PB-E2, E1, grid screen, A-S style QR plate
(have also used and/or owned: Elan 7E aka EOS 33 elsewhere in the world, A2E, 1VHS & others)

- Prime lenses:
EF 20/2.8
EF 28/1.8
EF 50/1.4
EF 85/1.8
EF 135/2L
EF 300/4L IS, A-S style QR plate
EF 300/2.8L IS, camo LensCoat, A-S style QR plate
EF 500/4L IS, camo LensCoat, A-S style QR plate

Possible future Primes:
- EF 14/2.8L II (the jury is still out if I even need so wide a lens, I might opt for the much cheaper manual focus/manual aperture Rokinon/Samyang/Bower, since I expect this would be a lightly used lens)
- EF 24/2.8 IS USM
- EF35/2 IS USM
- EF 200/2L I.S. (Oh yeah! I'll beg borrow or steal for this one eventually!)
- EF 800/5.6L I.S. (Yeah, right! Not likely until the Lotto comes thru for me. Just dreamin')

- Specialty Lenses (Macro, Tilt-Shift):
EF 100/2.8 USM Macro (non-IS), t'pod ring B, A-S style QR plate, hood
EF 180/3.5L Macro, t'pod ring, A-S style QR plate, hood
Tamron SP 60/2.0 Macro/Portrait with hood
MP-E 65mm with t'pod ring, A-S QR plate, lens hood
Tamron SP 90/2.5 Macro (manual focus/aperture, Adaptall-2, chipped/focus confirm)
EF 24/3.5L TS-E (first version) hood (two: OEM and rubber/flexible)
EF 45/2.8 TS-E with hood

possible future specialty lenses:
- EF 17/4 TS-E Tilt Shift (oh yeaaaahhh! gotta get it! looking for an excuse or a job that will require it so I can build it into the price.)
- EF 90/2.8 TS-E (eventually... when I have a job that needs it, I'll get it)

- Zoom lenses:
EF-S 10-22mm (just purchased used, wanted to compare w/the Toki)
Tokina 12-24/4 (which works to 18mm on full frame, by the way).
EF 24-70/2.8L
EF 28-135/3.5-5.6 IS (backup for the 24-70)
EF 28-135/3.5-5.6 IS (yes, two of them, these are great loaners, too)
EF 70-200/2.8L IS (first version) w/A-S style QR plate
EF 70-200/4 IS w/tripod mounting ring B
Sigma 28-70 (only usable on the EOS-3 and 10D, it's older AF chip causes errors w/later DSLRs, but it cost me all of $8 used)

Note: I'm mostly a prime lens shooter, but there are times when a zoom is essential. Considering getting a Sigma 70-200/2.8 OS when it comes out, to have a backup for the Canon. The 120-400 Siggy is interesting, too.... altho I'm concerned about frequency of repair reports, though. I'm not a fan of push/pull zooms so have largely ruled out the Canon 100-400. Eventually I'm sure I'll upgrade to the EF 24-70/2.8 II and EF 70-200/2.8 IS Mark II, but I'm not in a rush to do so. I am very impressed with the Canon EF 200-400/4L IS USM 1.4X... except for the price! Still, it might replace several pricey primes.

- Teleconverters:
EF 1.4X II

Major accessories, daily user:

- Flashes:
580EX II Speedlite (3x)
550EX Speedlite (3x)
MT-24EX Macro Twinlite
MR-14EX Macro Ringlite
Flash Extender (2x)
Flash Diffuser/Softbox
Compact Battery Pack E2
Compact Battery Pack E4 (two)
Wireless Controller ST-E2
Lepp/Stroboframe Macro Twin Flash Bracket
Flash L-bracket, unknown maker.
Manfrotto flash bracket.
Wimberley Flash Bracket
Lastolite White Balance Target (2x, because I'm always misplacing one)
A big bunch of rechargeable AA batteries and chargers! (With a fresh charge these last longer and recycle faster than alkaline battteries.)

- Location/studio lighting:
Norman DP320 portable monolights (five)
Photogenic/Eclipse+ convertible umbrellas, two 45 inch, two 60 inch
Photoflex 8' light stands (3), custom double strobe mount, boom stand.
Savage backdrop stands w/various 9' and 10' seamless.
Big kit bag on rollers (80 lbs loaded!).
Possible future location/studio lighting:
- Would like to try out the Photoflex Starlite 'cool lights' or similar.

- Meters:
Sekonic 398 Studio Deluxe (incidence, ambient only, no batteries req'd!)
Sekonic 1 degree spot (ambient)
Sekonic L358 Meter (incidence, ambient & flash)
Minolta Flashmeter V (incidence, ambient & flash)
Minolta Flashmeter III (incidence, ambient & flash)
Minolta Booster II kit (allows thru viewfinder metering, also at film plane/off ground glass focus screen)
Wein Flashmeter (incidence)

- Supports:
Gitzo G1325 CF tripod w/Kirk BH-1 ballhead, Wimberley Sidekick gimbal, Gitzo G1321 leveling platform.
Gitzo G1325 CF tripod w/full gimbal head, Gitzo G1321 leveling platform.
Gitzo G1348 CF tripod w/Smith-Victor BH8 ballhead, Gitzo G1318 rapid center column.
Bogen Studio Tripod, Bogen pan/tilt head modified w/A-S type QR, Bogen tripod dolly
Bogen/Manfrotto monopod (two) Bogen ballheads, modified w/A-S type QR
under construction... when I have time: home-made ground pod with ballhead

- Macro:
Canon EF 12mm Macro Extension Tube (2x)
Canon EF 25mm Macro Extension Tube
Kenko Canon EF Macro Extension Tube Set (12mm, 20mm, 36mm)
Kirk Macro focusing stage
Minolta Macro focusing stage
Canon Angle Finder C
Canon 500D close-up diopter lens, 77mm
Other macro stuff in other camera systems.

- Filters:
All my lenses have fitted hoods. I only fit a filter when it serves a real purpose.
C-POLs 58mm, 72mm & 77mm B+W Pro/MRC or Kaesemann Circular Polarizers
UV 58mm, 67mm, 72mm & 77mm B+W Pro/MRC or Hoya Pro 1 HMC
WARMING 58mm, 72mm & 77mm B+W MRC Warming 81A/81B (not used much with digital)
52mm Drop-Ins: Circ Pol, Skylight & 81B (Canon C-Pol & Skylight, 81B is B+W)
Various portrait-specific filters: black spot/spatter, black mesh are most frequently used.
Cokin P series holders & Lee bellows hood for Cokin holder
Various Cokin & Lee ND grads (Cokin P-series size)

- Bags & Vests:
Lowepro Off-Road Bag
Lowepro S&F Reporter 300 AW w/Deluxe Waist Belt (soon: Technical Harness)
Lowepro Mini Trekker Backpack
Lowepro Photo Trekker Backpack
$20 fishing vest from Walmart (This is the vest I usually use, it's light weight & airy.)
Photo vest, unknown maker.
A third photo vest that someone gave me.
Misc. Lowepro & other pouches and lens cases

- Digital media:
Lexar 1GB 80X CF (two)
Lexar 2GB 133X WA CF (two)
Sandisk 2GB Ultra II CF (two)
Sandisk 2GB Extreme III CF (four)
Sony 2GB 133X CF (one)
Lexar 8GB 300X UDMA CF (eight)
Sandisk 8GB Extreme 60MB/s UDMA CF (six)
Lexar 16GB 400X UDMA CF (two)
Lexar 16GB 800X UDMA 7 CF (four)
SD Memory (see below under Point 'N' Shoot)

- Some Favorite Slide Films:
Fujichrome Velvia 50 (transparency, discontinued.. it's back!)
Fujichrome Velvia 100F (transparency, don't like it as well as 50)
Ektachrome 100VS (transparency)
Fujichrome Sensia 100 (transparency, cheaper alternative, good value!)
Ektachrome E200 (transparency)
Fujichrome Sensia 200 (transparency)
For higher than ISO 200, I switch to color neg. films listed below.

- Some Favorite Black & White (negative) Films:
Kodak Pan & Pan X 25 & 32 (discontinued, traditional B&W)
Fuji Neopan Acros 100 (one of the best 35mm B&W ever!)
Kodak Plus X 125 (discontinued, traditional B&W, replaced w/T-Max 100)
Ilford XP-2 400 (B&W, C41 process, especially good for scanning)
Kodak BW400CBN (B&W, C41 process, expecially good for scanning)
Kodak Tri-X 400 (discontinued B&W, for traditional printing)
Kodak TMY or T-Max 400 (replacement for Tri-X, traditional B&W prints)

- A Few Favorite Color Negative Films:
Fujicolor 160S (color neg, for portraiture)
Kodak Portra 160NC (color neg, for portraiture)
Fujicolor Superia 400 & 800 (color neg, for high speed color, scans well)

Daily user point 'n' shoot:

- P&S Cameras:

Canon PowerShot G5 - Sweet little camera and easy for a Canon shooter to learn to use. Only 5MP, but shoots RAWs (some later G-series don't!). ISO is somewhat limited (400 max, and that's not all that "clean"). Purchased for $40. Strap & cap but no battery. No worries, I have plenty of BP511s. Plenty of 1GB and 2GB CF cards, too. I like that this camera uses CF memory! Also got the matching Canon 1.75X (TC-DC58N) tele conversion lens for another $6. It cost me about $12 that to get the adapter tube (LA-DC58B) to be able to fit the conversion lens. More recently I've bought the Canon wide conversion lens, too (WC-DC58N, approx. 0.7X) for about $35. It's kind of silly... The conversion lenses are about as big and heavy as the camera itself! And the viewfinder is no longer usable, once the conversion lens is installed. Might get a 220EX or similar flash to use with it, too. The built in flash is pretty wimpy and drains the batteries pretty fast.

Canon Powershot A640 - with WP-DC8 underwater case (40M/130ft), ACK-600 AC power adapter kit. I got the UW case locally used for $7, so had to track down and buy the camera to use in it! Luckily it came with some useful accessories. It shares the WC-DC58N and TC-DC58N conversion lenses with the G5, though it needs a different LA-DC58F adapter tube with them. Nice little 10MP camera. Can't shoot RAWs, though. It also can't be used with a hot shoe style flash. I'm looking for an underwater slave-triggered flash to use with it.

Canon PowerShot A510- all of 3.2MP! 4X zoom. It was used, a little beat up... and all of $26. I figured what the heck! Besides, Maria Sharapova has a really cute dog with a French accent and she's far hotter than Ashton Kutcher can ever hope to be. He's funnier, though.

No wonder people hold these things at arm's length and use the LCD screen to frame 'n' focus! The VF has horrific parallax error at close-up and macro focus distances.

Transcend 2GB SD memory (three). $24 new. Let's see now.... I think I can shoot about 6000 images with the 3.2MP camera and these three tiny cards (hope I don't lose 'em), before having to download. Locally, in a pack of three these were cheaper than 1GB and 512MB cards that were only available singly, and actually getting pretty hard to find at all.

Duracell NIMH Rechargeable Batteries (six) and Charger - After seeing how fast some of these little cameras eat alkaline AAs, I quickly ran out to get some rechargeables! $20 new. If they weren't so damned expensive ($20 for six, w/charger, really is a good deal), and the chargers such a pain (cheesy plastic, four batts at a time, 5-6 hours), I'd probably switch to using them for all my flashes, etc., too! Maybe I'll add some four at a time, but I probably need 40 or more for my 'real' shooting kit! Large packs of alkaline AAs are easier, and pretty cheap.... for now.

- Case:
LowePro REVO 40 Compact Camera Case, Black w/Black Suede Trim - $2 used. Bought this hoping to use it with my incidence meter, but that won't fit. However, the A510, spare batteries and thumbnail size SD memory cards all fit into the itty bitty case just fine! It slip-locks onto my belt to carry the entire 'system' easily, or it'll fit nicely in my car's glove box or center console... no prob!

Under $75 total... For the entire A510 frickin' setup. That's damned cheap photography

Classic, vintage & collectible cameras & systems:

Canon FD:
FTb'N' w/50mm f1.4 SSC
F1 (ver 2) w/50mm f1.4 SSC
A1 w/Winder A
AE-1 (chrome) w/Winder A2
AE-1 Program (chrome) w/Motor Drive MA
AE-1 Program (black) w/Motor Drive MA
Extra MA Battery Pack
T50 Program w/FD-N 50mm f1.8 (damaged)
T80 (note the 1st AF Canon... w/50/1.8 AC lens)
Wanted! Cheap T90 in working condition (yeah, right)
24mm f2.8 FD-N
28mm f2.8 FD-N
35mm f2 FD-N
50mm f1.8 FD-N (two)
50mm f1.4 FD-N (two, but one has scratched rear element dammit)
85mm f1.8 FD-N
Vivitar 105mm f2.8 Series 1 Macro Lens ($15, brand new in box!)
135mm f2.8 FD-N
50-150mm f4 FD-N
70-200mm f4 FD BL
70-200mm f4 Soligor
Wanted! cheap 20/2.8 FD-N, 200mm f2.8 IF FD-N
25mm extension tube
50mm extension tube
Speedlites 155, 166, 188, 199A

Konica (Konishiroku, Konishi, Rokuoh-Sha & Sakura):
I've used Konica SLRs since the 1970s. In fact I still have the first one I bought used - a T3 classic - and it still works perfectly (it's had one CLA done, in the 1990s). Over the years I've collected nearly all 35mm film models made by Konica/Konishiroku from before WWII up to about 1991, as well as most lenses and accessories. If you are seeking info about Konica, please get in touch. If I don't know the answer to your questions, there's a highly active user group/discussion forum at, where I'm one of the five moderators and approx. 1000 members worldwide.

Konica SLRs, nearly all 1960-1987:
F, FS, FP, FM, Auto-Reflex, Auto-Relfex P, T, FTA, A, T'2', FTA'2', A'2', A3, A1000, T3, T3'N', TC, T4, FS-1, FC-1, FP-1, FT-1 and TC-X. Also Wards variants: SLR700 in chrome and black. Seeking FS-W, FS in black, Autoreflex W, and FT-1 Pro Half. Besides TTL, seeking other Revue variants.

- Primary user SLRs: four FT-1 & four T4 w/Winders AR

Konica Hexanon lenses, most primes 21mm to 800mm. A few Hexanon zoom lenses. Some older zoom lenses were pretty darned good... Many others were not. Hexanon 80-200/3.5 is pretty good. 35-100/2.8 Varifocal is decent, too. Some Hexar lenses (in K/AR mount, these were budget lenses)

Third party lenses for Konica K/AR mount:

- Tamron SP Lenses - I've used a number of these interchangeable Adaptall and Adaptall-2 mount lenses over the years and they can be quite good: 24mm f2.5, 90mm f2.5 macro, 80-200/2.8 zoom, 180/2.5, 300/2.8, 400/4, and mirror lenses 350/5.6 and 500/8. The beauty of these lenses is their interchangeable Adaptall2 mount... Which are widely available to fit many different SLRs, ranging from vintage to modern. So it's easy to swap a lens from one camera system to another, as needed.

- Tokina ATX Lenses - Some of these lenses were quite good too.

Konica System flashes - most, plus a few Sunpak & Vivitar flashes.

Konica Macro system - most items: lenses, bellows, extensions, helicoid, auto rings, dual releases, etc.

Konica RF & VF 35mm cameras - most models 1930s thru early 1990s:
Rubicon (x-ray, ~1938), Konica '1' MIOJ (several), Konica II, IIB, IIB-m, IIA, III, IIIA, IIIM, Konilette 35, S, SII, L, EE-Matic, Auto S, Eye (half frame), Auto S2, EE-Matic S 'New', EE-Matic 260 (126 film), EE-Matic Deluxe, Auto SE, Auto S1.6, EE-Matic Deluxe 2, EE-Matic Deluxe F, Auto S261 (126 film), C35, Electron, C35 Automatic, C35 V, Auto S3, C35 FD, C35 EF, C35 AF, C35 EF 'New', C35 EFP, C35 EF3, C35 AF2, Pop, C35 EFJ, C35 MF, AF3, MG, MG-D, EFP2, MR70, AA-35, MT9, EFP3, MR70 LX, Genba Kantoku, MS-40 (military special), Z-Up 80, Tomato, Kanpai, Z-Up 28W, MT-100, Off Road 28WB Wide, Revio CL (APS). Most Wards variants. A few Revue variants.

Seeking Aiborg, other Off Road models, and Recorder half frame models. Seeking Konishiroku film cassettes for early Konilette, too.

Konica RF & VF Camera Accessories - Copy/macro stand and macro lens for Konica '1', various Auto-ups, Konicameter, Konicameter LV, Cherry Flash Gun, Koniflash, Koniflash III, Konilette Flash, Koniflash IIIM, X-14 Flash, X20 Flash, X20N Flash, Flash Cube Holder (chrome and black)

FOR SALE: KONICA 'OFF ROAD' CAMERAS I have available eight or nine Genba Kantoku and MS-40. These are the Japanese and military versions of the original Off Road model. The cameras are all ex-British Army. Condition is most certainly used, some rougher than others, but I am only selling the ones that test as working. I provide a copy of an instruction book with each one sold. Very reasonable pricing. Trades for other Off Road models considered. Lens is 35mm wide angle, f3.5 I think . It's sharp with good color rendition. Please inquire.

The Off Road/Genba Kantoku is a specially gasketed and sealed camera that can be used safely on the beach, in mud, splashing about in the surf or your hot tub at home, etc. While not a true underwater camera, it's got armor glass over the lens and can be rinsed off under a faucet, when it gets dirty. It's a 35mm-film camera with a wide angle lens and essentially program-only, AF-only function. Dead simple to use.... Just a few buttons. Built in flash. Takes great pics and will survive places most other cameras won't! Search the Internet for additional info on the 'cult classic' Konica Off Road.

Konishi/Konishiroku/Sakura Box, Folder, Medium & Large Format - numerous models approx. 1902 thru 1950s:
Idea, Sakura Box, Ocha, Pearl No. 2 (Showa 8 ), Pearlette (many variants, 1927-49), Neat Lily, Lily, Royal No. 2 (Konishi/Rokuoh-Sha wooden field camera, half plate), Baby Pearl, Semi Pearl, Pearl '1', Pearl '1' RS, Snappy,
Seeking: Cherry Hand Camera, Minimum Idea, Tropical Lily and other unusual Konishi, Cherry and Rokuoh-Sha models. Recently bought a Koni-Omegaflex (see below). Eventually want to add Koniflex, Koni Omega cameras and lenses.

Konica/Konishiroku Other Format Cameras, Lenses, Accessories & Cine/Video:
Snappy (miniature/17mm film) seeking 40mm Cherry/Optor 40mm (?) telephoto lens for this.
Rokuoh-Sha 20cm f3.5 Aerial lens (WWII era) w/filter.
50mm and 75mm Hexanon enlarging lenses.
Konislide Projector (two)
Cine/video: Zoom 8, Zoom 8 II, Zoom 8 IIS, Compact 8, Super 8-6TL, Wards ME 910, CV Video.

Large format:
Wista Rosewood 4x5 field camera
Schneider Kreuznach 180mm f5.6 lens in Copal #1 shutter
In the past I've used 90mm & 300mm lenses with this camera, now I regret selling them!
Sheet film holders (approx. 40)
Polaroid back 545 (?)
Focusing loupe
Dark cloth (waterproof)

Konishi Type 55 "Royal" Half-Plate Field Camera, circa 1933
Looking for lens and shutter to use with this camera.
Looking for original wooden "half plate" film holders for this camera.
Graflex adapter back & access. to use 4x5 film with this camera

Leica Screwmount:
Leitz Summaron 35/3.5
Leitz Summarit 50/1.5 (two)
Leitz Elmar 90/4
Various flash bulb holders, finders, meters, hoods & other Leitz accessories.

Medium Format:

Koni-Omegaflex M TLR (6x7cm format)
90mm f3.5 Hexanon lens
120 film backs (three)
Lefthand grip
"Chimney" finder (1X)
58mm or 60mm lens
135mm lens
180mm lens
angle finder (2.5X)
macro spacers

Rokkor-X 45mm f2
Rokkor-X PF 50mm f1.7
Rokkor-PC 50mm f1.7
Hi-Matic 7s rangefinder

FM2N (a lovely black camera) w/MD12 (the "AK47" of motor drives)
FE2 (chrome) w/MD12 motor
FE2 (black, lovely, but meter is really screwed up) w/MD12 motor
FG (chrome) adding MD-14 or MD-E
Wanted: cheap Nikkor 20/2.8 AI/AI-S, 85/2 AI-S, 180/2.8 ED AI-S
Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AI-S
Nikkor 35mm f2.0 AI-S
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AI-S
Nikkor 50mm f1.8 E-Series
Tamron SP 90mm f2.5 Macro w/1:1 extension
Nikkor 135mm f2.8 AI
a couple third party zooms
Speed Lights (SB-10, SB-15)

Pentax M42 screwmount:
Asahi Pentax S2 w/case
55mm f2 Auto-Takumar
135mm f3.5 Takumar w/case

Pentax P/K bayonet mount:
K1000 (two)
ME Super (two) ea. w/Winder ME
Super Program (four, two are functional), one w/Motor Drive A
Pentax-A 28/2.8
Albinar 28/2.8 Macro (1:4)
Pentax-A 50/2
Pentax-A 50/1.7 (two)
Pentax-M 50/1.4
Wanted! cheap 20, 24, 35, 85, 135, 200mm Pen-A lenses
Sears 135/2.8 (PK-M. Hey, don't laugh, not a bad little lens!)
Kiron 28-135mm zoom
Pentax-A 70-210/4 (two)
A couple other other third party zooms.
Pentax flash AF160S
Pentax flash AF200T (two, but one is not functional)
Pentax flash AF280T

Zuiko 50mm f1.8 (x2)
XA with A11 flash
XA2 with A11 flash & presentation case.
XA2 without accessories (a great little point n shoot)

Zeiss Ikon:
Contaflex Super B
50mm f2.8 lens head
35mm f4 lens head
105mm f4 lens head
1:1 macro lens head
Close-up lens set
Interchangeable film back (two)

58mm Helios-44 f2 lens (damaged)

Digital Darkroom:
Custom built PC w/AMD T'bird CPU, 3GB DDR, 6 HD (3 TB total)
HP Pavilion w/Pentium Dual 2.2Ghz processor, 8GB DDR2 RAM, graphics accelerator, two 1TB HD.
Netgear NV+ NAS (three) each with four 1TB HD.
Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB, eSATA & USB2 connectivity.
HP dv7 17" laptop, AMD processor, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 320GB HD
HP LP2475w IPS monitor
HP w2207h LCD monitor
HP w1907 LCD monitor
Viewsonic G90f graphic series monitor (CRT)
Spyder 3 Pro calibration
Photoshop CS5, Lightroom3 & various other software
Nikon 4000ED film scanner with bulk slide loader
HP B9180 printer
Epson 1280 printer
Epson R300 printer

Traditional Darkroom:
Omega D2 enlarger
Omega B&W diffuse light source
Omega Chromega Color light source
Omega Chromegatrol power supply & controller
Wollensak 135mm enlarging lens
Fujinon 75mm enlarging lens
Konica Hexanon 75mm enl. lens
Konica Hexanon 50mm enl. lens
Nikkor 50mm enlarging lens
Misc. developing, processing & printing equipment for 35mm, MF, 4x5, color/B&W.
One might ask, why have a 'fume room' at all? Well, at the going prices for these things used, I'm just not willing to sell it. It's all in storage now. But if time and space allow and I ever start shooting lots of B&W again, i know I'll want to make prints with this, then digitize them with a good flatbed scanner. Ever scan B&W negs? Not good, even with the best film scanners! C41 B&W film scans are okay, but I'd miss some of the rich old silver based emulsions, not to mention working them with the Zone System.

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