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Default Re: Canon's upgrade of the 5D: what and when?

The new camera is most likely at beta level, undergoing further tests prior to its official announcement by Canon in Fall, in conjunction with Photokina 2008. PMA Show 2008 at Las Vegas end of January is not the ideal place to announce a successor to the EOS 5D. A successor to the EOS Xti Rebel is more likely to be unveiled in conjunction with the PMA event.

A year ago, everyone/everywhere was speculating on the EOS 40D for PMA 2007 and Canon decided to unveil the EOS-1D Mark III instead.

EOS 40D and the EOS-1Ds Mark III became part of the Fall announcement of 2007 instead due to it not being a Photokina year to capitalise on. At this point of time, it is too early for Canon to announce a successor to the EOS 5D as both the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and Nikon D3 have not been in the market long enough to gauge how much effect (sales-wise) of both against the volumes of the EOS 5D and EOS-1D Mark III.

Rebates and promotions of the 5D currently may not necessary mean it is going to be replaced soon. It may be promoted against the onslaught of Nikon D300 and Sony Alpha A700, both of which are 12MPs and APS-C DSLRs.

Also, the EOS 350D (Rebel XT) has been dropped from the 4th-quarter 2007 catalog line-up of EOS models in my country/region while the EOS 5D remains. In the 4th-quarter 2006 catalog, only the EOS-1D Mark II N was missing from the line-up while EOS 30D remained. 1st-quarter 2008 catalog will be issued at end of January.
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