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Default Re: Shooting motorsports with M mode

I pick a section of track every time I stop to take a photo, and get a spot meter reading from it that gives me an exposure I like.

If the light doesn't change, then I can use that reading for an hour or so, shooting manual. Usually chimping the histogram on the odd white or black car.

If the lighting is changing due typical NZ weather, then I will take another reading off of the same bit of track when it is covered by shadow and work out what the difference is.

Then just adjust the exposure as needed as the clouds come and go.

If I move to a new track position I simply check a new piece of track.

This provides nice consistent exposures regardless of what colour the car is, if there is lots of background in on shoot and lots of track in the next.
I don't have to worry about adjusting EC, and I total control over the exposure.
Then I can worry about framing and focus.

Have you Calibrated your Monkey lately?
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