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Default Re: My Panoramic Head design (with pics)

Originally Posted by czeglin View Post
How do you guarantee alignment between the horizontal & vertical arms? Seems like an alignment slot/tab would be helpful, but then you're moving from DIY territory into machining.
The pan head screws that are used to hold the vertical arm onto the lower plate actually have a bit of adjustment to them. They don't have much adjustment (about 1/32"), but enough to guarantee that the distance is correct.

An alignment slot would have been great! But you're right that is more of a machining task. I actually thought about how to make a slot so that the head could be used for multiple cameras, but without a CNC couldn't really find a good way to make one.

Are you using the panning base on the ballhead or do you have a separate panning head?

Finally, a shout out to McMaster-Carr. Best website ever for finding "I-don't-know-quite-what-I'm-looking-for".
I am not using the panning base on my ballhead, since the panoramic head is designed such that the base rotates. The thin silver color you see in the 3D model is actually a bearing which allows the upper disk to rotate against the lower one. I also modified Sean's original design such that there are detents every 30 degrees and these detents are adjustable by switching out a "detent washer".

Yes, McMaster-Carr is awesome. That is my new favorite site for finding those random parts that I didn't even know existed.

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