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Default Re: My Panoramic Head design (with pics)

Originally Posted by A_Whelan View Post
Will this act in a way to feel it "click" as you turn every 30 degrees? If so very neat idea!
Yes, the detent is so that I will be able to feel it "click" every 30 degrees. I noticed that the commercial heads had this feature, and thought it was a great idea as well.

Also how are you doing to fabricate it? CNC Machine? I was thinking getting some help with doing something similar. It will be interesting to see the final product!
I am doing all the fabrication at home with basic handtools and woodworking tools. I've actually finished fabricating the parts and just need to complete the finishing touches tomorrow. The base seems to "click" just like I had planned! I'll test it later with the camera attached and see if I am still able to feel the detents.
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