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Default Re: Should I shoot in RAW?

Originally Posted by picturecrazy View Post
more like a few HUNDRED clicks for a few files.

If you are saying it's as easy as applying a preset to the batch and then exporting the lot... then you might as well be shooting jpeg and save even more time. ...
...this assumes that he does not want to best quality image file, or the most re workable image file, or that he is happy to settle for a jpeg at all.

Both file types have there advantages, but the fact is that RAW offers the superior image quality, this can not be disputed.

We can break down the benefits of RAW Vs. Jpeg in two categories to simplify.

1. Simple brute force Image quality.

2. Flexibility and workability.

Most people get hung up on the latter, and seem forget that it's not the only reason to chose RAW. We see accusations of using it as a crutch. etc..

These thoughts do not take into account the simple concept that many simply want the best available to them.

Even if I did no RAW specific processing tricks, I'd still want the best overall image quality. I'd still shoot RAW.
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