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Default Re: Quantum Turbo and third party battery pack for 580EXII

Originally Posted by danielyamseng View Post
If a Canon CP-e4 already shorten the recycle time, why there's a need to use Quantum Turbo?

Would Quantum turbo would have constant recycle time until the last drop of power as compare to the cp-e4 which uses the 2700maH best rechargable batteries?

If the recycle time is shorten, would shooting at 1s per shoot continously would overheated the flash?I knew if it's continously shoot at full power would, but this is like shoot 1s and another frame 1 second.

Any real statistic for canon-cp e4 recycle time using a 2700maH batteries at full power?

Anyone using a third party canon compatible battery pack?
I did a quick speed test between the Canon CP-E4 with the Sanyo Eneloop batteries in it and the Quantum Turbo 2x2 battery pack (fully charged) and the speeds are pretty close if judged just by sight. However, I video taped the recycling of the flash, a 580EX in manual fired at 1/1, and checked the timecode to see exactly how long each pack took to recycle the flash. I fired the flash thrice but only calculated the speeds of the first two fires (the third was in case there was a marked difference in the calculated speed). And here are the results:

Test 1, custom function set to only use the external battery for charging the flash:

CP-E4: 1.3 sec. and 1.3 sec.
2x2: 1.0 sec. and 1.0 sec.

Test 2, custom function set so both external and internal batteries were used:

CP-E4: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.1
2x2: 1.0, 0.9 and 0.9

As the numbers show, the Turbo 2x2 has a slight edge but for all practical purposes, I think they're equally matched, especially when the internal batteries are used as well.

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