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Thread started 04 Oct 2010 (Monday) 17:36
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Profesionalism. *Soapbox Warning*

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Location: Boise Idaho
Oct 05, 2010 11:28 |  #16

Just cause a guy is also carrying a camera does not mean he will be friendly to you.
As in all areas of life there are friendly people and A-(*&s.
Don't take it personally, don't compound his unfriendliness by giving him the power to ruin your day also.
Water off your back.......

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Cream of the Crop
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Oct 05, 2010 11:35 |  #17

to the original poster: you've probably been around the block enough times to know that there are great people (and not-so-great people) in every industry and every walk of life. Chalk up your experience to maybe a guy not having a great day prior to the game. You don't know what his deal was prior to showing up to the game. Benefit of the doubt. Move on.

I've shot our local HS team for 2 years now. I don't know on a personal level the guys who shoot for local publications, but I see them regularly, recognize them and respect their job and space. Last Friday night there were two guys shooting the field in advance of this Thursday nights game that will be televised on the local Fox Sports Network. The still photog guy and I were both walking across the end-zone as the home team had a 1st and goal from the 6 yard line. As we were walking across the back of the endzone, I see the guy was setting up for a play to the left. I look at him, make eye contact and I'm motioning with my head and eyes like, 'over here, over HERE.'

He gets the point, joins me on the far side of the endzone. I say, 'they'll run this side twice in a row.' First play results in a TD and the guy gets shots of the featured back running right at his lens. Gets the shots of the other kids mobbing the running back, etc.

He gets up, thanks me, made sure I got the shot as well, hands me a business card and tells me if I ever need anything to give him a call. He knows I'm not doing this for a living but that I provided him with some 'local knowledge' so he could make his.

Not sure if it's how each of us chooses to interact with people that determines or even PREdetermines the outcome, but thankfully, in shooting sports for 2 years now, I have yet to run into a negative or unpleasant encounter with ANY photographer at the same event. Oh ... except for the self-proclaimed professional photographer who doesn't show up anymore because I've 'stolen all her business!!!'


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Oct 05, 2010 12:18 |  #18

If it's any consolation, that kind of attitude probably won't by him the favor of future clients either...

But as people said there are simply *so* many rude people out there (and in any industry), clients, fellow photogs, onlookers... Who knows, maybe he was jealous, egotistical or simply had a quiet personality -
You just have to learn to switch off and never take anything personally or let it effect you, as that will end up effecting your business (and your love of the art).

If you figure out how to do this though, let me know how :)

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"I used the last of it to tip the strippers."
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Oct 05, 2010 16:53 |  #19

So far most of you have said "let it go and move on". Which I have, it's not my loss really.

I guess I'm just tired of it. Society drains me. And maybe life is different where you are, but I feel like the city I live in is filled with people who can't wrap their brains around the idea that we share a very finite space, and it wouldn't be such a taxing existence if we were simply nice to each other.

My goal in posting was nothing more than to vent. If you're unhappy with that, I invite you to find something else to read.

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You don't want my advice.

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Oct 05, 2010 17:04 as a reply to  @ post 11038439 |  #20

Even though you had the commonality of both being photographers, it's just like being in any other public venue, some people are just not friendly and/or jerks. You were probably enthusiastic about what you were doing as you are fairly new to that assignment, but maybe he is resentful of a HS assignment and felt it was beneath him. Whatever the case, just let it go and enjoy what you are doing. I deal with the public everyday and run across my share of jerks. I like to think of it like going to a State Fair, it just makes you feel better about yourself! Don't let someone else's attitude spoil your enjoyment.

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Oct 05, 2010 17:04 |  #21

I'll tell you what will make you feel better about the situation: take better shots than he did. Set up a gallery, find out who he is, send him the link, and let him know it was nice meeting him. (external link)

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Oct 05, 2010 20:41 |  #22

This falls under the old adage, that I've heard attributed to Archie Manning:

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

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Profesionalism. *Soapbox Warning*
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos The Business of Photography 
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