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Old 27th of January 2011 (Thu)   #46
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Default Re: "professionalism"

I agree Phil, bringing up this subject from time to time is a good thing.
I always remind those working for me that these models or crew, are someone's son or daughter. I require that they each be treated with respect, regardless of the type of shoot scheduled.
Les Baldwin
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Old 27th of January 2011 (Thu)   #47
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Default Re: "professionalism"

I also agree with a lot of the advice given. This should be the same for women also, as photographers.
I have photographed women in more intimate yet tasteful photo shoots. That does not mean for a fraction of a second that I am going to step out of my professional boundaries. The same with a photo shoot involving men. I can mentally drool over his "hot" body all I want (however thats bad in a way because it means I'm not focusing on my work) but that does not give me the right to do anything that goes beyond the fact that I was hired as a photographer.

I noticed the original poster is also from MN, lets hope the van with blacked out windows in a Walmart parking lot....isn't the one I'm thinking it is
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Old 27th of January 2011 (Thu)   #48
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Default Re: "professionalism"

Originally Posted by philwillmedia View Post
You guys do realise that the question was first asked and the thread started in January 2010.
I think Erik may have the answer he was after.
But it was good entertainment to have a re-read of this thread
I really need to start looking at that - I hadn't noticed. But all that means is that Locky's post fits better on the other thread and should say, "just last January..."

My comment still stands - @ Eric, be careful and DON'T mix the two.
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Old 27th of January 2011 (Thu)   #49
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Default Re: "professionalism"

While this thread was clearly necro'd, it is/was informative overall. I've never done any shoots other than standard wedding / family photos. Well, I shot my sister for about 3-4 hours once for some high school photos, but that clearly doesn't count.

I've always wondered just how many of you keep it strictly professional. For me, I have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and a strong(ish) moral background. But even the strongest slip - curious how often some of us have to remind ourselves of our professional commmittment.
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Old 31st of January 2011 (Mon)   #50
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Default Re: "professionalism"

Originally Posted by DisrupTer911 View Post

and even if it is your gf/wife/bf you better be professional with them too otherwise they'll think you act that way with the models too!
So True, I've shot my wife quite a bit and when she talks to her friends it's so nice to hear her say how professional I was with her. She's my toughest critic and model.

Michael said it best they are clients and whether nude or fully clothed you are there to do a job. My MUA is my my co-worker.

Now your question was in no way stupid. I suspect that what you were referring to was dialogue and instructing the models and not necessarily touching or inappropriate behavior as that would be in fact be stupid.
When I first started I wondered the same thing and did ask my mentors.

You have to get use to asking some pretty intimate questions regarding body parts. It's difficult at first but get over it quickly or you will get burned by having a model show up not properly groomed. Use proper descriptive words and not slang or anything vulgar. ie. crotch, groin and not pu$$y or god forbid the "C" word, boobs/breast vs tits. You get where I'm going.
Never touch without asking and touching should be only to adjust clothing without having the model move. Sometimes you just have to and I have never been told no, it's always oh yea do what you need to. But that's because they trust me and that comes from being always professional in my approach.
Do not oogle. This is extremely difficult the first time you shoot nudes, it's normal. To get over this go to a workshop, they're others around and the models are professional so it gets you used to that environment.

Give them privacy. Many models are comfortable changing right in front of you once they're comfortable with you. I still turn my back. It reinforces my respect for their privacy.

Do not shoot with your "Dick". Sorry, no other way to put it. If you're getting turned on you're focused on the wrong thing.

Hope that helps.
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