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Thread started 20 Sep 2013 (Friday) 20:34
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Location shooting- how do you transport your stuff?

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Sep 23, 2013 12:25 |  #16

The Loft Studios wrote in post #16314348external link
I had one of those..... It's an excellent product, but my problem was on uneven terrain or on a bumpy sidewalk, my gear would start to slide off and fall onto the ground. So, I saw the garden cart at Home Depot and the wheels in my mind started turning, and I've never regretted the purchase!

Bungee cords with hooks or tie-downs would work well in that instance, even with the garden cart scenario for a little extra security. :)


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Sep 23, 2013 13:49 |  #17

Wrench wrote in post #16312974 (external link)
If you're doing a location shoot and tanking things like light stands and reflectors, how do you carry your gear to avoid looking like this guy?


I don't, since I rarely have an assistant, I look just like that guy.

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Sep 23, 2013 16:00 |  #18

Me too.

I pack everything in a Tenba Shootout L. The tripod is fastened onto it along with the brollies and I carry the bungee-cord-tied light stands in my hands or slung on my shoulder (attached a strap to the Manfrotto stand).

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Sep 23, 2013 17:14 |  #19

The Loft Studios wrote in post #16313368 (external link)
If it's a big shoot, I go with the "standard" equipment you see posted below.....
All of this can fit in the back of my small 2 Door Explorer Sport SUV and still have room for a front seat passenger and 1 backseat passenger.

•Stand Bag #1
4-Heavy Duty 12' Avenger Stands
4-Compact 10' Light Stands
1-Manfrotto Neotec Tripod
•Stand Bag #2
1-6'x6' Scrim Jim
1-48" Photogenic Octadome
2-3'x4' PhotoFlex SoftBoxes
2-7' Westscott Parabolic Umbrellas
•Pelican 1610 Rolling Case #1
3-Canon Camera Bodies
4-580EXII Speedlites
4-Canon Battery Packs
2-Minolta Light Meters
An assortment of lenses depending on the shoot.....
An array of misc. equipment such as batteries, filters, tape, etc.....
•Pelican 1610 Rolling Case #2
4-Photogenic 1250DR Monolights
4-PCB Mini Lithium Battery Units
An array of misc. equipment such as batteries, filters, tape, etc.....
•Rolling Wagon
Along with all of the bags and cases that you see that actually fits in the wagon, I still have room for
2-Standard Photogenic 7" Reflectors
2-20lb. Sandbags
1-42" PhotoFlex 5n1 Pop-Out Reflector
A couple of extension Cords

Again, depending on the shoot, some equipment may be traded out for others such as when I want to bring either a small compact and/or a large size boom, etc.....



Yep, I have used a setup very much like this.

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Sep 23, 2013 17:35 |  #20

I purchased a Think Tank Airport International. Great case but a few times one of airlines they asked to look in it because some person realized it was a camera bag and made me remove gear due to overhead weight restrictions. Had a lens in my wife's purse, my jacket pocket and in a plastic bag. Never again. I just use it locally now.

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Location shooting- how do you transport your stuff?
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