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FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Bags, Backpacks & Cases
Thread started 15 Feb 2016 (Monday) 15:26
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Straps for two cameras

Joined Sep 2008
Feb 15, 2016 15:26 |  #1

I am trying to work out the best setup for carrying two cameras - 70D+150-600 and 6D+24-105 over long distances and lumpy ground where I need both hands free when not actually shooting, but still able to very quickly get into a shooting position when wildlife appears.

I've currently got a cotton carrier and original blackrapid strap which is OK, but with a couple of important limitations - As a petite woman, having the long lens on my chest in the harness means I can't see my feet and become a total disaster when trying to go up and down slopes or on uneven terrain. Having the other body swinging around at my side also takes a hand to hold it to my hip when scrambling around so it doesn't clunk into things. Long lens at the side swings and also pulls too much on my neck and hurts so I just can't win! Also if I ever kneel for a shot, I end up dumping the body on the blackrapid strap straight into the mud/snow/sand and I'm pretty sure that's not the best idea.

I do love the cotton carrier on flat ground, but as I'm often trying to get up glaciers in the Arctic, I need more hands free than I have so I don't slip over, but can still grab the shot without having to stop, open a bag, get out the camera...

I've heard good things about the Joby straps, and the Peak design looks good too, but would be interested for personal experiences - with a long lens on them, do they truly stick to your back and how easy is it to move into a shooting position? With a long lens, how much do they pull on your neck/shoulder? What's your recommendation for the best (and most comfortable!) hiking setup for two bodies? All the other dual straps seem to be geared at wedding photographers, and I don't think they often end up lying down in snow!

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New York
Feb 16, 2016 11:09 |  #2

Sling straps are fairly easy to move into shooting position. As for truly stick to your back...nothing will unless you duck tape it to your back. However, what the straps do offer is the ability to cinch the camera closer to your body so that the camera doesn't bounce around as much.

Unfortunately, the Peak Design does not make dual straps. You can buy two and have them on each side. Here is my review on the Peak Design Slide - http://www.1kindphotog​ ...e-camera-sling-strap.html (external link)

Custom SLR Dual Strap (which can be converted into a single strap if needed) - http://www.1kindphotog​ ...l-camera-glide-strap.html (external link)

There is also the SpiderHolster. They have a dual holster. If you're kneeling like you said, the camera won't come close to the ground. However, you'll put more weight around your hips - http://www.1kindphotog​ ...ingle-camera-holster.html (external link) . A solution would be to get the holsters, and put them on a ThinkTank camera belts (https://www.thinktankp​​amera-belts (external link)) which is much sturdier and add a shoulder strap to help keep it up (https://www.thinktankp​​amera-straps/products/keep-it-up-shoulder-strap (external link))

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Straps for two cameras
FORUMS General Gear Talk Camera Bags, Backpacks & Cases

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