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Thread started 04 Oct 2015 (Sunday) 14:02
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Scuba Dive Camera Suggestions??

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Dec 28, 2015 19:28 |  #16

Like others said, go dive your brains out, and have fun. You'll miss so much trying to fiddle with a camera, work on your breathing and buoyancy first.

An underwater photog buddy of mine suggested the Olympus mirrorless 4/3rds system. Olympus makes the cameras and housings. You're still going to spend some money, but a lot of people are turning to the mirrorless 4/3rds cameras as opposed to full sized DSLR. Last I looked has a discontinued kit for 800 bucks. Then of course you'll be adding strobes and a bunch of other stuff. The rig I priced out with everything I wanted was just over 2 grand. Underwater photography is not cheap.

Neither is diving!!!!

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Jun 03, 2016 08:42 |  #17

I realize that it's been said many times already in this thread, but I too want to urge you to forget the camera for now. I tell people to wait until you have at least 100 dives under your belt before taking a camera down. You're doing a disservice to both yourself and the reef.

Not only will you miss a lot, it's also a safety issue. Your life is literally in your hands when you're diving, and with only a few dives under your belt, you're still learning your equipment and the new environment around you. It's simply not worth trying to get pictures when you have so much new stuff going on.

Imagine if you were helping a brand new driver learn to drive, and they wanted to eat their lunch while you're giving instructions. Would you let them? This is the same situation - nobody here is trying to challenge your intelligence - we're just trying to make sure you're setup for success.

Underwater photography is challenging in its own right. There's no need to add in the challenge of learning a new environment.

Also note that $1000 won't get you very far in uw photography, unfortunately. If you're really, really determined to do underwater photography, I suggest a) waiting until you've done at least 10 dives in Bonaire. If that's 5 dives/day for 2 days, then fine - just get some experience under your belt. Then b) rent a camera from one of the shops on Bonaire. Check out Bonphoto or Fisheye. You can rent an uw setup for far cheaper than you can buy and have none of the risk of flooding.

Be safe and have fun!

-Chris Horne

5D MkII ~ Aquatica underwater housing

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Jun 05, 2016 12:30 |  #18

I have about 400 dives to my credit and I am going to repeat what you have already heard. Forget the camera this trip and work on your diving skills. Bonaire is the king of shore diving and many of the entries are tough even without balancing a camera. Learn to float neutral and become at ease so you can easily spend an hour at 60' on your 80. Many expert divers recommend 50 to 100 dives before considering adding a camera to your equipment list. Instead of a camera, I suggest a nice light for night diving. The reef comes alive at night with creepy crawlers! Have fun, dive safe and respect the tables.

Canon 60D, 5Diii, 24-105, 24-70ii, 70-200 f2.8 ii is, 580ex, (2)430ex

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Jun 28, 2016 20:28 |  #19

I guess to actually answer the thread and give a suggestion, I bought the Sea Life Micro 2 with the 1500 light attachment. I havent used it yet as I am just beginng to dive, and while heading advice mostly in here may just stick with video recording since it does that also


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Scuba Dive Camera Suggestions??
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