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Thread started 26 Sep 2016 (Monday) 15:24
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Nikon D750, reviewed by Wifuzzy

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Overall Rating9
Overall Image Quality9.5
Value for Money9.5
Must Haven/a
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Suitability to Intended Use9
Got What I Expected9
AF Performance8
Handling and Ergonomics8
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Joined Dec 2014
Dauphin Canada
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Sep 26, 2016 15:24 |  #1

This is not a review. Just more for someone looking to use the D750 as a sports camera. I really could not find much info on the topic. I had a 7Dm2 and a 6D. Decided it was time to change. Here are 2 sample images taken with the D750 and the 7D mark II. Both were taken in the same arena with the same lighting. The D750 image was taken as a test and is not the setting I would use. But they get the point across. The 7dm2 is 1/640, f2.8 and ISO 5000 with a Tamron 70-200 VC. The D750 was 1/500 f7.1 and ISO 12800 with a Nikon 70-200 VR II. In Low light I would give the nod to the Tamron. Exposure in lightroom was +.60 for the 7Dm2 and +1.3 for the D750. NR/sharpening was 25/39 for the 7Dm2 and 35/39 for the D750. Now one thing to note. The anti flicker in the 7Dm2 will whipe the floor with the one in the D750. The 7Dm2 will simply show you white ice every time unless you underexpose it badly. The D750 will show you some yellow ice in almost every picture. It is trying...but only doing a so so job.
As far as focus you can tell the D750 had a much easier time of it. I'll find out this Thursday and Friday. Football and hockey. But from what I could tell...I would give the nod to the 7Dm2.....but the D750 was good and I have not played with the settings yet. So I'm sure it will come close.
Side note. Nikon designers...what were you thinking when you put the zoom ring on your 70 -200 lens right over the tripod mount? Tamron layout was way one and learn.

Top is 7Dm2 bottom is wait the preview is canon 7Dm2 red is Nikon D750

Update. Flicker reduction only works in live view and for movies. Lol...well played Nikon.

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please log in to view hosted photos in full size.

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Dec 17, 2016 09:19 |  #2

Beautiful shot!


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Nikon D750, reviewed by Wifuzzy
FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews

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