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Thread started 13 Mar 2017 (Monday) 18:04
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5D classic, why should I not get one?

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Mar 14, 2017 20:44 |  #31

Tom Reichner wrote in post #18301002 (external link)

Then yours must have been completely silent!  :p

My 5D shutter (mirror, actually) isn't silent - hence, it scares birds away and puts mammals on the alert :-(


Nope, not silent. The 5Dc has the heartiest Ker-CHUNK of any camera shutter I've ever heard. I liked it.

The birds around here would love a 5Dc. I shoot them with a Mossberg 590. It makes considerably more noise than a 5Dc. :)


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Mar 15, 2017 09:11 |  #32

I loved my 5Dc when I had it and saw an opportunity to upgrade to a 5D MK ii and did. I loved the 5Dc so much that I did not sell it, but gave it to a friend. I still miss the "look" of the pics that came out of 5Dc and am still thinking of selling my MK ii and getting back 5Dc. Wife thinks am crazy for selling a new one to get the old one.  :p

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Mar 15, 2017 10:34 as a reply to Bassat's post |  #33

It's not really the shutter noise, focal plane shutters by them selves are very quite, just go listen to a Leica. No it's mostly the mirror making all that noise, and the bigger the mirror generally the more substantial is the noise. I say substantial because it is not just the volume but the specific combinations of all of the variables. If you want a serious mirror noise you need to try out an old medium format SLR.

Oh and my bird gun of choice would be my Winchester 101 Supergrade, but even though I live in the middle of some of the best wildfowling in the world it's one thing I can't shoot. Getting out on the marshes is just not on when you are in a wheelchair. My powerchair, with me in it weighs something like 230Kgs (over 600Lbs) and really doesn't do soft/loose surfaces.


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Mar 15, 2017 11:13 |  #34

Testing 40D, 5D, and 7DII with noise meter app on my smartphone, at a distance of 10' all three fell in the 40-42dB range of noise (1/500 f/2.8), although all three were very different in the type of noise emitted!
The 7DII measured 40dB, the 5D and 40D measured 42dB, with same lens mounted on all cameras. A normal speaking voice measures about 50dB.

Most of the noise is mirror slap...if one slows down shutter to 1/8, and uses mirror lockup, the peaks are at mirror lockup and when (after shutter is released) when mirror cannot see a significant waveform change when shutter itself opens first curtain or closes second curtain.

This is the 40D sound, with mirror up slap at 42dB...(the 43dB shown is the noise of me touching the phone to pause the graph)


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Mar 16, 2017 09:59 |  #35

The ONLY reason I don't still own one is because it doesn't work with the camranger.

Frankly I felt jipped when I went from it to a 5d2. I liked the images from the original better. As others have said the 5d3 is much improved but you can buy a bag full of original 5d's for what one costs.

For portraits in good light it is a hard camera to beat.

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Mar 16, 2017 23:05 |  #36

Thanks all for the pro and con comments. Picked up a 50stm that is due for delivery tomorrow and leaning toward giving the classic a spin. Clearly it's a back to basic rig but that should work as I don't do video and it seems there is not much downside for stills where light can be controlled.

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5D classic, why should I not get one?
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