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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre General Photography Talk
Thread started 12 Mar 2017 (Sunday) 23:40
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Going to Japan for 7 days (visiting 6 cities). Which camera should I bring?

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Joined Oct 2011
Mar 12, 2017 23:40 |  #1

I'm leaving for Japan this week. My first time overseas. I am going with a veteran traveler who speaks Japanese fluently, I do not. We will be on the train a lot and running around. We are trying to pack light as we will be staying in a different town each night. I am typically a Canon DSLR shooter. On most trips I take my DSLR and a prime + zoom. Those trips I usually have a rented car and am staying at the same rental each night. This trip is different. I got the idea to try out one of the large sensor compact Fujifilm cameras. I love a lot of the photos I've seen online, and they are really compact cameras.

I would also like to take video on this trip. This is new for me traveling. Because I am traveling with someone new who is very knowledgeable I think it would be fun to document some of our conversations. I'd like to shoot videos on trains and planes. No clue on how the sound will work in loud places. My plan is to hold the camera with a gorilla pod and aim it at us.

Fujifilm is very different than Canon. Part of the allure is I can play and learn a new camera. I love that all the settings are on dials, and some of the features aren't available on my Canon.

I know Canon like the back of my hand. I can quickly do what I want, without missing a shot.

Up until this weekend I was going to go with a Fujifilm X70 for my trip but I have really been down on the idea today. It's going to be such a busy trip, do I have the time to learn this new camera? Or will I be annoyed at the learning curve of a new camera brand? And I have been playing with the video on the X70 and it's awful. I am starting to rethink my plan. Here's my options:

Canon T5i. Flip screen is perfect for video shooting back at yourself. Small, light DSLR. Multiple lens options, and it's a brand I am used to.

Canon 70D. Bigger than the T5i, it's my everyday shooter so I am used to the setup. Can team it up with my Rode shotgun mic, also has flip screen/

Fujifilm X70. Tiny camera that packs a punch. The photos I have taken so far are great. I am still getting used to the settings, and the wide angle only shooting. But it's been a lot of fun. It has a flip screen but the video is basically unusable. I didn't think the video could be that bad, but it is.

Fujifilm X100f. Fujifilm's flagship compact fixed lens camera. Similar to the X70 but bigger and no flip screen, better features and IQ. Better video for sure.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am sure you will mostly lean DSLR, but try a bit to be the devil's advocate if you can. I will only have a backpack to hold business supplies, laptop, camera, and books. Also which lenses would you bring? And any thoughts on sound? Thanks!

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Joined Oct 2005
Calgary, Canada
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Mar 13, 2017 01:31 |  #2

A colleague took a T3, 50 f1.8, old 18-55, and 55-250 stm. Great pictures. Portable setup.

No video though

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Mar 13, 2017 09:27 |  #3

the x100f without a doubt....Its certainly your highest resolution camera( the xtrans sensor has no AA filter so will resolve a lot higher than your 6D) and the IQ would also be hard to beat ... Not to mention Fujinon prime lens thats as sharp as anything a lot sharper than any canon prime "L's included. And the fact there is no zoom is no problem in my book. Just zoom with your feet and you will forget about the need for a zoom very quickly. And Fujis JPG's are that good out of camera that when I had a x100 all I shot was JPG's......And this is coming from a sworn only shoot RAW person! Fuji changed me on that score well and truly.

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Cream of the Crop
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Joined Dec 2009
Canada, Ontario, Milton
Mar 13, 2017 10:14 |  #4

x100f for me. x70 for backup. :)

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Mar 13, 2017 10:30 |  #5

...I brought my old Fuji x100s as a back up and used the wideangle end on my 16-18-21mm lens primarily on my leica. the Fuji didn't get much use as the lens was too tight for my liking.

in my opinion, leave the zoom at home, really not much use for it. everything around japan where I went were packed in tightly! (golden gai, shibuya, trains/train stations, etc)

it's also very safe, enjoy the trip.

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Mar 18, 2017 06:36 |  #6

when i had a 2-week trip to Japan (ages ago, film days) I was like the archetypal Japanese tourist in London - there was just SO much to photograph. I got through 8 36-shot films at the minimum from what I remember. I would take a camera you know so you aren't messing about fiddling with menus and settings. Take a wide-normal lens. Plenty of memory and batteries. I wish I could go again, now, with digital. I had a week in Tokyo. If you go there swing by the technology area of Akihabara and explore the camera shops. I bought a 'compact' 35mm back then that was so much easier to use than the slr I borrowed for the trip. Still got it now, but don't use it any more. Get features that aren't common in the export stuff.

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Joined Oct 2011
Mar 26, 2017 15:40 |  #7

Thank you all for the advice. I ended up taking the X70. I went to my local camera shop the day before the trip and they were all sold out of the X100f.

I'll add a couple photos below. I took about 1000 photos. My thoughts on the X70.

-Size is great, I could put it in my pocket. But mostly it was on my wrist or in my backpack. I don't like wearing a camera around my neck, and am not a fan of a bulgy pocket.
-AF is fast and accurate. I have shot with the X100S and the X70 is a lot better in my opinion.
-Dials are in the right place. I love that I can auto exposure and ISO with limits, and then just use aperture and exposure comp. This makes for great on the fly shooting. I don't like that A (auto) is on the aperature dial. When I quickly move the aperature to f/16 I have to make sure I don't go 1 click too far to auto.

-No zoom... This is new to me, and maybe that's the problem. I am really enjoy framing my photos with zoom. Sometimes I want to take a portrait style shot on the street from a ways away.
-Battery life wasn't great.
-Touchscreen wasn't as good as Canon

-Flip screen wasn't as handy as I hoped. I don't think I need it, if I need a low shot I can bend down
-What film mode to use? I don't know. I mostly used provia and velvia. I know I could shoot in raw and play with all of this, but I don't have the time.

Overall the dials, size, and quick AF is what I loved most about this camera. If the 100F has equally fast AF I may consider picking it up. I don't think I need a camera that is this small, a bit bigger wouldn't have changed much. I'm still wondering about zoom, should I go with a Fuji with changeable lenses?

Video was all done on my Samsung S7 and it did pretty well. I also took a couple hundred photos with that too. Sometimes it's just easier to snap a quick shot with the cell when the camera is packed away.


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Joined Mar 2017
Mar 26, 2017 16:18 |  #8

Definitely go with a DSLR, its worth carrying the extra weight, the scenery in Japan is out of this world! From my trip 6 months ago:

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Going to Japan for 7 days (visiting 6 cities). Which camera should I bring?
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