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Thread started 04 Oct 2017 (Wednesday) 20:40
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Tamron 28-75 f2.8 for high school senior.

Joined Nov 2015
Oct 04, 2017 20:40 |  #1

I used a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens to photograph a high school senior and I was very impressed with the sharpness of this lens! Especially for the price $235.00. Anybody else like this lens?

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Senior Member
rjharris's Avatar
Joined Mar 2010
Near Dallas
Oct 04, 2017 20:50 |  #2

It worked well with my 7D but not my 7DII or 5D IV

The 24-702.8L version 2 was so much sharper I laughed. That's after a trip to Tamron for it and microfocus adjusting.

AD ­ Campbell
Senior Member
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Joined Sep 2013
Oct 04, 2017 23:17 |  #3

I've got the 24-70 f.8 and I don't like it at all. Sometimes it's sharp.

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Joined Mar 2011
Oct 06, 2017 12:33 |  #4

if you you don't care about corner sharpness its a great lens. for that reason its a steal on a crop sensor.

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Senior Member
sonofjesse's Avatar
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Joined Aug 2006
Oct 07, 2017 17:17 |  #5

It worked great on my rebel XT back in the day one of my fav lenses from that period!

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Joined Aug 2005
Belmont, CA
Oct 07, 2017 18:27 |  #6

The lens had great reviewes on APS-C, but it is not as sterling on FF

http://www.photozone.d​e ..._ff/418-tamron_2875_28_5d (external link)

"The Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 SP XR may shine with glory on APS-C DSLRs but it has found its master within the full format scope. The border resolution is generally soft at f/2.8 and you need stop down a bit in order to get a decent image quality across the frame. The lens produces very hefty vignetting figures at f/2.8 but the situation improves rapidly when stopping down a bit. The distortion characteristic is pretty good for a standard zoom lens - same goes for lateral CAs (color shadows). Bokeh fringing (LoCA) is basically a non-issue. The quality of the bokeh (out-of-focus blur) is acceptable but it's not a strength. The build quality of the lens is Ok but nothing to rave about either. Despite its flaws it is still an interesting lens when taking the very affordable price into account."

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Senior Member
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Joined May 2008
Seattle, WA
Oct 10, 2017 16:05 |  #7

I've used it for years on both my 5D (classic) and for the last 4 years with my 6D. I shoot mostly fashion, beauty and portraits. It's never failed me once and the sharpness has been amazing. Probably at least half of the shots on my website were taken with this lens. But, its typical weaknesses aren't as much of a factor in the type of photography I do, so YMMV.

That said I'm picking up a 5D IV in a few days and the Tammy will eventually need to be phased out as the commercial work keep rolling in, so I got the 24-70 f/2.8 ii.

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Joined Sep 2017
Oct 10, 2017 17:58 |  #8

I agree with everyone here as this lens has its high points and low. I recently picked one up for my Canon 6d to replace my 50mm and to pair with my 24mm f/1.4 Rokinon and EF 100mm f/2. For what I use it for, the corners do not need to be sharp as I would use the Rokinon for that anyway. It is mostly my take everywhere lens as I started using the 100mm f/2 for portraits. It works well enough for walking around since the size and weight are good. If it were up to me, I would buy 2-3 of these in place of the EF 24-70L ii as they are just as sharp and I don't feel like I have to vomit if it gets banged up like I would for the "L" counterpart. The pictures look great btw, and not many people would be able to notice they were not taken with a $1000+ lens as it's not always the gear that makes great photos. Keep it up!

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Tamron 28-75 f2.8 for high school senior.
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