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Thread started 29 Oct 2017 (Sunday) 17:19
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Why doesn't canon make a EF compatible mirrorless camera?

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Oct 30, 2017 00:24 |  #16

Tom Reichner wrote in post #18484346 (external link)
Conversely, the so-called "silent" mode on my 1D Mark 4 is ridiculously loud. . Oh, yeah, sure, it's quieter than when shooting in regular mode, but still it's way too loud for a lot of the things I want to do with my camera. . Plus, when shooting in "silent" mode, it can only do one shot at a time, which is nearly useless for my purposes.

Being able to shoot machine-gun style with no camera noise would help me get photos that I cannot get with my DSLR.


The 5D3 has 3fps silent continuous. 7D2, 4fps. 7D2 silent shutter is slightly softer than 6D. Both are noticeably quieter than the 5D3.

I assume the 5D4 is close to the 7D2 wrt shutter noise and maybe an fps or two faster than the 5D3. Not sure how the 1DX or 1DX2 compare.

If you're looking at the A9's 20fps, perhaps shooting 4k video and extracting frames might fit your needs. 8k video, if/when it becomes available in ILCs, could be very interesting in that regard.

Cinephotography example:
https://alphauniverse.​com …ing-stills-from-4k-video/ (external link)


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Oct 30, 2017 00:47 |  #17

Tom by default any mirrorless design will require that you use a screen or EVF, and so using LV on one of the modern Dual Pixel sensors should produce operational sound levels that are comparable with any mirrorless system body. Most of the noise, and vibration is from the mirror moving up and down, I don't think I have ever really noticed the actual shutter tripping when using my 50D in LV mode. Of course you need a Dual Pixel sensor to make LV AF even close to the speed of PDAF when using the OVF. So if you want a body that uses the EF mount without adaption then it seems you are already pretty close with a Canon DP sensor in a DSLR. As I said I think I would then just push the LV signal to a larger screen to make viewing much easier, especially if you are using a tripod anyway.

A 5DIV with a 10" external LV display panel, should I would think give you optimum performance compared to any of the available mirrorless systems, and has the advantage of retaining the mirror and direct viewing OVF should you find that you really can't live with the use of electronic viewing systems. Although reverting to the OVF get you back to the objectionable mirror noise.


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Oct 30, 2017 04:45 |  #18

davesrose wrote in post #18484328 (external link)
Mirrorless may not be completely silent either (they also can have a shutter noise). IMO, shutter noise is relative. I know apart from AF, one of the first things I noticed from upgrading to old MF SLRs/5Dc to the 5D3 was how quiet the silent modes are (you don't have to have any click noises in LV, and the silent shutter seemed amazingly quiet compared to what I was used to).

I also have a Lumix G7 and i can turn of the curtain shutter and use an electronic shutter, it works great up to 1/1000 sec. It's completely silent. Great for street photography and animals.

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Nov 05, 2017 12:30 |  #19

I can absolutely feel the difference with a silent or near silent shutter system compared to my dSLR. My 5D mirror slap is so obvious everyone knows when I've taken an image, and if my 1D fires of 10 FPS in a burst, it's quite obvious. But when I'm using my Fuji mirrorless, I can be within 2 feet and you can't hear it. I've been a lot of situations and still experience this where the shutter sound interference with the image capture process because the subject becomes painfully aware that I'm there and doing something, be it a bird at close range, or a bug at close range, or a person at close range.

Just a few weeks ago I was aggervated with a particular moth on a flower I was macro imaging because my shutter was disturbing it at 8~10 inches away and would disrupt what it was doing and cause it to stress and fly a bit and I'd have to move and follow it again. When I use my mirrorless, I can take images and literally can't be heard and nothing is disrupted from the noise. The difference is such an experience, quite eye opening. Same thing with birds, where I've lost lots of chances with a few spooky King Fishers that heard my shutter one time and took off never to come back. Annoying.

Mean while, even more obvious for me, is when I'm shooting my 5D with a 35mm or my Fuji at 35mm and how my 5D is so loud and I'm very close to the subject(s) and it's obvious I'm taking photos and they can hear my mirror slapping around so it takes away that candid or natural look that I'm capturing (especially when I'm doing family photojournalism or shooting in public at close distances, which I really prefer to be close). When I added my mirrorless with the 35mm FOV, it's now dead silent, and I can be in their face with it and they can't tell I've taken a few images. And I really like that, because it doesn't disrupt the moment and I get the candid and sincere expressions I'm looking for, rather than breaking the moment and losing future moments because now everyone is very aware that there is a "camera taking pictures."

I would love a 1D with a silent shutter (a real silent shutter, not just a quieter mirror slap at the cost of FPS).

Very best,

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Why doesn't canon make a EF compatible mirrorless camera?
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