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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Glamour & Nude Talk
Thread started 19 Oct 2017 (Thursday) 01:40

If a model changes her mind ...

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Oct 28, 2017 16:35 as a reply to post 18482979 |  #31

Means I have to be careful and make sure all my T are crossed and Is are dotted.

Paper work is always important, but for financial reasons as well as legal and sometimes they are the same.

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George ­ Zip
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Oct 28, 2017 19:35 |  #32

charlemagne wrote in post #18475809 (external link)
I have a model I worked with two times, and that resulted in some superb images.
Yesterday she let me know that she will not do nudes anymore and she also asked if I would refrain from using her pictures any longer.
I have a model release contract from the second shoot, not for the first one.
I have been shooting models for about five years now, her first shoot was one of my first cooperations, hence 'no contract' for the first shoot (I got smarter during the process) and she posed topless spontaneously and with no regrets after the shoot. She was very enthusiast about the result, but suffered a severe accident shortly after. 2 years later she had recovered 95% and we planned a second shoot, to her great pleasure. She was very enthusiast about the results again, she came posing in front of the images together with me when I had an exhibit etcetera.
Things have changed recently. She is a gym teacher in a catholic school and has gotten fearful about someone recognising her on the images. She talks about rumours in this sense. Also, she started doing commercial work, I'm not sure that this is linked, but it appears to be a sensitive thing here in Belgium to pose for fashion/commercial work if you also pose nude.(she's in her mid 30's and looking extremely good, she will probably be cast as a young and fashionable mother.
I have been doing this work just because we live in a world that too much condemns nudity and I feel we need to give beautiful nudes a place in art in particular and in society in general, to counterbalance brute porn on one hand or denial and censorship on the other hand.

I have been protecting my models to my best abilities, I let them choose a different name for publishing pictures, I never link to any of their social media profiles, I submit my selection of images for a second round of approval/refusal before publishing any picture, which most of the times works excellent, I have (after about 55 shoots) no complaints yet except this one. I believe my work is beautiful and deserves to be seen.
If I remove the images, I think I loose.
If I don't remove the images, she will blame me for any consequences, I loose.

I do not want to argue with models, but I feel very bad about it in every way.

thanks for reading all the way down, let me hear your ideas.

I'm going to put my business hat on here. That does not mean an excuse for bad behavior.

Legally I guess you are on thin ice with the first shoot and ok legally with the second shoot. Even then contract or no contract things can get messy in any business. She would have to prosecute and if she is concerned about being identified she would not do that.

But I sense that is not really the issue for you. You want to do the right thing.

I would consider a compromise. Maybe tell her you will take them offline but will retain the images for exhibitions or something like that. Whatever is applicable in your situation. I think that "laying down" on the issue would be a bad move. Don't forget people talk and if you have that reputation for giving in it might bite you down the track. I can not tell you the amount of times I have done the right thing to be bitten later. But at the same time it probarbly has been good overall. You need to win the war I guess not just the battle. However I would try and come up with a compromise so it leaves the door open down the track should things change again.

Doing the right thing is hard. Being a prick is easy.

Good luck.

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Ronse - Belgium
Oct 31, 2017 12:12 |  #33

I have agreed with the model that I can continue using the pictures for exhibits and book publishing, but that I would refrein from using them on my website/blog/facebook/​printed invitations/fora ...
A good deal both for me and for her, and our relationship standing all right.

I'v also thrown in the suggestion to change jobs, she has been thinking about it but is not willing to take the plunge yet.

thanks for all your idea's and thoughts, it has helped me out 'doing the good thing' but at the same time not giving in too easily.


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If a model changes her mind ...
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