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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Fashion, Editorial & Commercial Talk 
Thread started 21 Dec 2017 (Thursday) 10:40
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Lighting Question

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Dec 21, 2017 10:40 |  #1

What are the best options for lighting yoga poses? I did try with my off camera flashes and triggers but my old Metz unit was just taking to long to cycle. There is AC power available and I had thought about some cheap fluorescent fixtures but read about the flicker and color problems. Is Tungsten a good option or LED. I need to light a full length body from the side so assume a minimum of two sources.

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Left ­ Handed ­ Brisket
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Dec 21, 2017 11:27 |  #2

You planning to use a modifier? What kind?

Even lighting? "Dramatic" lighting?

What kind of recycle time do you need?

Money to burn? Or keep in in a certain budget?

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Dec 21, 2017 12:34 as a reply to  @ Left Handed Brisket's post |  #3

I was trying to stay on a budget and use a constant lighting. I have a couple of umbrellas.

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Dec 21, 2017 19:26 |  #4

In order to achieve shutter speeds high enough to freeze motion you will need awfully powerful lights. Enough light to make your subject uncomfortable. Flash is really your best option here.

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Dec 21, 2017 20:54 |  #5


https://strobist.blogs​​ng-101.html?m=1 (external link)

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Post edited 2 months ago by Wilt. (2 edits in all)
Dec 21, 2017 21:22 |  #6

Depending upon which Metz you have, there are battery packs which will recycle a flash from full power discharge in 2 sec.

AC powered studio strobes will need about 1 sec. to recycle from full power discharge.

It takes a lot of fluorescent to equal the light output from a single 500W photoflood (which is very hot as well as bright) that produces 13k lumens, or a 250w halogen modelling light (4k lumens)...there are 65W CFL which claim to output 4k lumens.

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Dec 26, 2017 14:30 |  #7

Having photographed people with both continuous studio lighting and strobe lighting, I would not recommend continuous lighting for studio shoots.

If you're investing in more equipment, a set of inexpensive AC-powered studio strobes with appropriate modifier(s) and wireless trigger would be a great idea. Get a set that has modeling lights so you can make sure the shadows are going where you want them.

You can get fine results with a single studio light and a medium- or large-sized softbox; if you absolutely must have side lighting, then two studio strobes with strip boxes.

Links for a very inexpensive start:

These have Bowens mount:​m/fplfs300b.html (external link)

The R2 transmitter to make them work:​m/fprrr2tc.html (external link)

Huge softbox:
https://www.bhphotovid​ …32x48_ez_pro_so​ftbox.html (external link)

Strip box with Bowens mount:
https://www.bhphotovid​ …s_12x56_ez_pro_​strip.html (external link)

You'll also need stands, maybe a boom, little bit of extra grip gear like sandbags and a drop pin and safety wire.

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Douglas ­ Conway
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Dec 31, 2017 07:19 |  #8

Thanks to everyone for the replies, I took the advice and picked up two Godox 600 lights and a Godox 120 deep octo softbox. I already have a beauty dish and a couple of umbrellas.
Will try out this Tuesday shoot yoga poses.


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Lighting Question
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