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Thread started 14 Sep 2013 (Saturday) 14:21
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Product Photography Pricing? How much do I charge?

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Sep 17, 2014 08:37 |  #16

Hey all. I've been searching for answers to a similar question as the OP and thought I'd use this old thread as it's close to my question. I've been showing my landscape photography at a gallery for a few months and received an email from a person who saw my display. She's beginning a new business and asked to use 2 of my photo's on her website. I hadn't considered this as a source of income previously, but would like to offer her the use of these images for a fair price. Does anyone have experience of this type of endeavor and what fee to charge per photo. Obviously for web use these would be low res. Any help is much appreciated and if more information is needed, please let me know.

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Sep 17, 2014 09:28 |  #17

check out some of the stock sites and rights managed sites for that kind of pricing.

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Feb 04, 2015 04:20 |  #18

Excellent thread. I googled this question and it brought me to my home. I just did my regular rate per hour for my photoshoots. Now my client asked me if I can do 2 more. I have to charge him per piece with a minimum of 10 pieces which will come to my hourly then I would cut it to 1/2 the price per piece to be nice.

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Jan 02, 2018 15:48 |  #19

Alveric wrote in post #16394838 (external link)
bikfoto, there are three kinds of product photography:

1. Drop & Shoot: your standard place-on-table, light and shoot job. Assembly-line style, if you will. One product after another, lighting doesn't really change, you just make minor adjustments when you change the subject. Think of a bottle of perfume on a light table: record shot. No frills.

2. Beauty shot: still life mechanics. You have to arrange the subject so as to stop, even stun, the viewer. Props might or might not be needed. Creative arrangements are the order of the day. Think of same bottle of perfume resting on a rock with a forest or beach as background, light shining from above giving it an aethereal quality.

3. Illustrative photographs: where you're selling the need for the product. The product is usually not even in the photo (although the designer might drop it in as a superimposed layer in the final ad). Think of a beautiful woman in an autumn afternoon, leaning on a railing with a yearning look in her eyes.

As you can imagine, type 1 is the cheapest and type 3 the most expensive. Which kind are you doing?

High volume photography is of the first kind, and unless your client has deep pockets, you'll be looking at charging in the tens of dollars. Adjust as per the number of images, and charge a set up fee per set to be built. Say, $50 as set-up fee and $30 for 5 shots, then start lowering as the number of products increase, say $27 for up to 10, $23 for up to 20, $20 for more than 20. This is just an example: if you're in a metro area you can even charge $100 per product; but in a small city, if you go past $50 per pic they'll just find someone else.

$15 is too low, BTW, unless you're in a hamlet.

If you're doing type 2, then the whole game changes, as it can take you several hours to construct the set and get the shot. These are the jobs for which you charge a day rate.

This is very good insight.
photography is so hard to price. I wish we can look at an rate table every time a client called us. but it is not like that.
if we could not know what client really want. we can not evaluate the rate. but the difficult part is many clients do not know what they want or how to express it. they just say whatever you think looks good. that makes the pricing part so hard.


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Product Photography Pricing? How much do I charge?
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