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Default Microsoft Vista Compatibility Issues

With the introduction of Microsoft Vista v1.0, more and more people will gradually begin to make the switch. It is widely accepted that the initial version will be full of bugs and many unknowns. Until the new OS has time to mature and stabilize, many of us will only know what's working and what's not working through good old fashioned trial and error. In the meantime, I forsee tons of questions regarding known or unknown compatibility issues with hardware and software optimized for Windows XP. I'm starting a thread to document and catalog known compatilbility issues with Vista to use for reference for the entire POTN community. Please list known issues in the following format:

Software/Hardware: Canon i9900 Printer
Issue: needs updated driver
Solution: add-on module for printer driver
Link: &SV=WWUCA900&menu=DR&TRF=MAIN
Notes: smooth sailing

Maybe I'm leaving out key information, but this thread will be continuously updated. If anyone can think of a better format for documenting compatibility issues feel free to chime and and make a recommendation. Whatever you list will be updated and added here to the first post in this thread. Please reserve your comments regarding your likes or dislikes of MS Vista for other threads. Let's keep this thread on track to simply provide some sort of database to document any known issues with any given software or hardware. Thanks.

UPDATE: Great sources of information...

Sonic DLA driver blocked issues. If you use Roxio Media Creator you will have this popup on startup upon upgrading to Windows Vista:

Fix can be found via the link below:
Device: ViewSonic G90f series CRT Monitors
Issue: driver
Solution: none currently available
notes: still completes the installation and the monitor works fine
Originally Posted by lilmill View Post
I found some drivers for vista for my r1800. They seem to be working.

Originally Posted by Lord_Malone View Post
Western Digital My Book Backup Software.

The software won't allow you to run the "Advanced Backup" feature. A dialog box appears and says "WD Backup has stopped working..." I can still back up my image files using the more automated approach.

No known solutions so far.


Originally Posted by View Post
Re: Western Digital WD Backup software problems in the "Advanced Mode"

I have experienced the same problem I have a "work around." If you expand all the options (i.e., click on all the + signs) in the "Advanced Mode" before you check any of the boxes, you won't see the message "WD has stopped working..." You may then proceed with the backup

Originally Posted by Bakewell View Post
Microsoft reports Vista Compatibility issues with RAW files...

"The problem with raw image support in Vista is related to the fact that editing the properties of a photo in the operating system will render the proprietary metadata unrecognizable. To avoid losing the RAW metadata, Microsoft advises users to steer clear of the Photo Acquisition Wizard when downloading photos from the camera to the hard drive"

see the full report...
Belmondo's tale...
I upgraded one of my machines to Vista, mainly because I had grown weary of sticking pins in my eyes, and was looking for a new way to abuse myself. In that regard, Vista is the gift that keeps on giving.

The initial installation went smoothly enough. I did get a short list of 'potential' problems, but decided they weren't significant enough to dissuade me from going ahead with the upgrade. After starting up for the first time, I discovered that the computer didn't recognize most of the USB devices attached to the computer. I was half expecting that. The real surprises started when I tried opening Quicken 2006. It couldn't find some of the files Quicken needed. I called Intuit, and they didn't know what to do, and they suggested I re-install it. That didn't work, so their next suggestion was to buy Quicken 2007 becasue it was known to be compatible with Vista. I bought it, installed it, and it didn't work.

Concurrent with the Quicken problems, I found I couldn't open Outlook 2003 (a Microsoft product, by the way). I can't remember the exact error message, but it was telling me I didn't have authority to perform that operation. Huh? I called Microsoft support, and after a couple hours, was told it was an Office problem, and I'd have to call the fee-based support people for Microsoft Office. I decided I'd just as soon buy the latest version of Office than pay Microsoft to sort out a problem that had obviously been created by Vista.

When I tried to install Office 2007 (upgrade), the Install Wizard said it couldn't find a qualifying product on the computer, even though Office 2003 was definitely there. I called Microsoft again, and they told me to uninstall and reinstall Office 2003 and retry installing 2007. Same problem. Then, they said I'd have to completely remove the 2003 installation again, this time using regedit to delete every reference to Office 11 (2003). That took a couple hours---there are lots of entries in the registry. After that, I went through the same drill of trying to install 2007 without any luck. Microsoft finally decided to give up on installing it as an upgrade, and gave me a new product key for a full version. It wouldn't install. After at least 9 hours on the phone with various tech support people, Microsoft finally decided there was nothing they could do. They apologized profusely, and said they would get back to me if they ever found a cure, although there was no guarantee they would work on it unless and until enough other people showed up with the same problem.

That was the end of Microsoft's involvement in the ordeal. I did get a follow-up phone call from them yesterday, but there were no new suggestions on what to do.

In the meantime, I had noticed that a lot of files had been tagged 'read-only.' Most of them I was able to change one at a time, but there was no good explanation from Microsoft why that had happened. The 'read-only' problem, I learned, was the reason I hadn't been able to use Qucken and Outlook. The files I needed, however, could not be changed from read-only, so I was still dead in the water. Then, I found the User Account Control (UAC) setting and decided to try it. Voila!! All of a sudden, I could use Quicken and Outlook again. I still can't install Office 2007, but I don't really care. I was very happy with 2003, and only bought it to try to get Outlook back.

The last surprise came last night when I tried to open Photoshop CS2. Evidently the serial number had been lost during the Vista upgrade, so I had to re-install CS2. There are lots of other programs on that computer that I haven't tried yet, so I'm sure this story still hasn't been completely told.

By the way, every time I re-boot the computer, it tells me I should turn UAC back on. Like I'm going to do that!! I just give the computer the finger and continue with the boot.

Now that Vist is up and running, it looks very different than XP, but functionally doesn't seem a lot different. It's slick looking, but that's not reason enough to torture yourself. If you're like me, and you choose to ignore the warnings of friends, just be prepared for a process that could consume days of your life, cripple your computer, but make you the envy of every kid in your neighborhood.
Originally Posted by Lord_Malone View Post
Canon DPP will just "stop working" for some apparent reason.

Update: I'm having trouble with only one of my file folders. For some reason DPP will open up any image folder but this one. The folder opens fine in every other application, but not in DPP. Whenever I make an attempt to open this particular folder in DPP it shuts down and a dialog box appears saying that "DPP Viewer stopped working". It's really not that big of a deal. But I suspect Vista has something to do with it.
Originally Posted by roeddel View Post
on another note, if you use AVG 7.5 Free Edition, it TOO will lose its product key and you will have to uninstall and reinstall AVG. simply running the repair will not work. hope this helps!
Originally Posted by Pete View Post
I've upgraded from Windows XP to Vista without any real problems except for XPlay (iPod software) refuses to both work and uninstall after the upgrade (it insists on working only on Windows XP, so it's XPlay that's badly written).
Originally Posted by JSolie View Post
It looks like Epson finally release 32 & 64-bit Vista drivers for the R2400. I downloaded and installed them on Friday, printed a photo, and things worked out fine.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find Vista drivers for out old Perfection 2400 scanner, which seem to work just fine.
All I'm waiting for now are the Spyder2 drivers...
-- John
Originally Posted by JBF View Post
I always learn the hard way. Running XP Pro for three years now and it seems pretty stable. Vista comes out and I just have to have it. Install went fine, then my Epson printer wouldn't work, however they now have drivers out for my R2400, then my IPod wouldn't work, then CS2 I had to restart photoshop every time I opened a raw file, it just hung. Vista has been taken off the computer, XP is back and running smoothly. I will wait a couple of month and then re-install vista, hopefully they will have some of the bugs worked out. I saw that there are already 10 or so security updates for it already.....some things never change.......ahem!!!
Originally Posted by rskhaled View Post
Has anybody had any PTP issues with MS Vista. I have a Canon 400D, and Vista does not recognize my camera. I have installed all the drivers (There doesn't seem to be new PTP drivers an the Canon website). Whenever I plug the camera in Vista pops up with "cannot recognize camera" Is there any way around this? Thanks Richard
Originally Posted by Bakewell View Post
DxO simply doesn't work with Vista.

Inquired and received this reply..."We are currently working on support for Microsoft Vista. We plan on releasing a free update of DxO Optics Pro compatible for Vista early March"

Originally Posted by Mr B Snappy View Post
By the way zoombrowser 5.8 (vista compatible version) is available on the canon website. Oh and I finally found a vista 64 driver for my linksys wireless LAN card on the taiwanese RaLink website! Have had to do a dual boot installation so I can use my camcorder and digital tv tuner.

Originally Posted by JSolie View Post
Actually, it looks like Colorvision released something yesterday. I try installing it later tonight and see if that works. If it does, then I'm all good with Vista...

-- John

Originally Posted by Lord_Malone View Post
Just purchased the Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite wireless keyboard and mouse. The package is clearly marked "Vista Ready", but still had problems with the installation software that came with it. You'll have to go to Microsoft's website to download the update to the software.
Originally Posted by Gadget-Guy View Post
Had one main problem so far,firewire transfer of files from my 1DMKIIN is very slow indeed.Connects to the camera through EOS Utility but transfer speeds are up to one minute for a raw file.Still cant sus it but will post again as soon as i fix the problem.
Originally Posted by park84 View Post
Just picked up HP DV6000 with Vista and it will not pick up the XTi. I am now realizing the XTi only supports up to XP. I have upgraded the ZoomBrowser EX to 5.8, but still not seeing the XTi. I am unable to use the "Remote Shooting" with Vista. This really stinks!!!! Is there a way to upgrade the XTi for Vista to pick it up?
Originally Posted by nicksan View Post
Next up, Vista failed to recognize my LinkSys LNE100TX PCI NIC...however the XP drivers worked fine. I have several of these NIC's lying around. The one I had initially in the PC was a version 4.1. Could not get that to work. I have a version 5.1 so I swapped it out, and it worked fine.

Notable problems:

When attempting to install something off of a network share (i.e. run setup.exe off of a share on another machine) I get the dreaded BSOD! Not sure if it is related to UAC...gotta check on that.

Also, the whole hibernate/low power mode thing is "buggy" on my PC.
Originally Posted by pxl8 View Post
Vista's security system is causing some problems with plugins for me.
Focus Magic gives an error when you run it as a filter unless the hosting application is Run As Admin. The problem now is that I can't drag and drop into the application - Vista won't allow dropping onto applications running at a higher security level than the source.
Guess the plugins need updating for Vista...
Originally Posted by khlubb View Post
The only program that I run that will not work with Vista is Quickbooks 2006, but that was to be expected as it stated on their website.

Do your research before hand. Most of the companies have updates out there, or ones coming very soon. I went through the Canon, HP, Adobe, etc, websites, and bookmarked all of the pages that I thought I might need to update drivers. Also -- run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before hand -- it will tell you what programs may not run right (without the proper drivers).
Originally Posted by hickory View Post
I struggled for most of a day trying to get Nero 7 the Vista compatible version to work on a new Dell E521 preloaded with Vista Home Premium. Many problems and could not uninstall it from my system without using a separate MS Windows Uninstaller program I found on the MS site. I'm familiar with Nero and wanted to use it instead of Roxio which comes preloaded. Guess thats not gonna happen for now. If anyone has success with Nero on Vista please let me know how and which version. thanks.

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