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Thread started 17 Nov 2004 (Wednesday) 21:59
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My wish for the 1D-1Ds Mk III - what's yours?

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Jul 09, 2007 14:50 as a reply to post 340007 |  #31

Apparently Id buy it for $4,500.00!!!

Thanks For listening Canon!!!!!!!

CyberDyneSystems November 2004 wrote in post #336647external link
Interesting ideas... hmmm...

My next gen 1D dream list?

1. Menu System
Start the transition from the clunky 1 series menu system to the more evolved 10d/20d menu system


2. Battery
Dump the half ton NIMH for a newer lighter and more powerfull L-ION
This would make the Camera much lighter and give it even longer battery life.


The little 20D Eraser Head :mrgreen:
Yep.. give us the 20D's AF point selector please :)

Check!! (though I can't use it to select AF points YET! )

Oh.. and faster flash synch.. 1/500 would be nice.

Check, maybe not 1/500, but faster.

CyberDyneSystems November 2004 wrote in post #337906external link
We'll Have to revise the spec sheet for the "1DSUX-2000" to include;

AntiDust solution


and true 16 bit color,

Check!!!! (well 14bit aint bad! )

Built in switchable ... TTL CCD preview.


Having used 8.5 FPS and finding way out of control.. I know I'd not need more...?

Check! Got it anyway @ 10fps...

...this leads me to more existing 1D usability complaints that could easily be resolved in newer models.

Adjustable frame rate with Camera Controls
Currently to change from 8.5 fps to say 5fps as i have done,.. one must tether the camera to a PC and use a Personal Funtion :( Why?


Fix the half baked Dual memory card set up
Simple firmware changes should allow us to copy from card to another in camera. Also as Longwatcher says.. RAW to one card and jpeg to another would be nice.

Done, that an more options! Cool!

Easily accesible user defined Shooting Modes
The "1" bodies allow you to save groups of custm functions in presets.. but I had allways dreamed of a caera with settings just the 10D/20D has on a dial... ala "Sportsmode", "Landscape" etc.. but allow the user to define EVRY setting for each of the modes. Ie: one setting for "indoor lowlight shooting" would allow me to spec AV with full open aperture, ISO 800, fram rate, single or AI.. different CF and PF settings, Even Which CARD to write to! etc... Then I could record a "bird in flight" setting.. AI servo, ISO 400 etc... and to get back to these setting once recorded I simply turn the dial.. or to keep the "1" weather sealing" it could be a menu on the LCD of 5 or more presets.

This Alone has been one of my own personal most sought after features in a high end pro body, and the 1D MkIII HAS IT!
I shoot a lot of Birds, and a Lot of indoor low light performances,. I can now set my camera up for these two TOTALLY different applications with one change in the menu settings! (once I record them)

Jake Hegnauer Photography (external link)


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My wish for the 1D-1Ds Mk III - what's yours?
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