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Thread started 15 May 2012 (Tuesday) 20:16
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anyone record audio from pa system?

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May 23, 2012 06:13 |  #16

ChasWG wrote in post #14471548external link
For Gods sake, someone call Fox News, Wayne used a wireless system!?!?!

I can only guess you weren't watching and missed the snide comments Shep made about it yesterday. ;-)a

It's not the easiest job in the world sometimes, but it should be done with class, respect and taste.

As for laving we have a procedure which is half show, half getting the job done and it goes like this.

The microphone is removed from the zippered bag and is used as a prop to demonstrate how the cable will be placed under persons coat or if they are not wearing a coat, dropped under their shirt or blouse, then using an alcohol wipe, of which there many in the microphone bag, the microphone is wiped from the element down to the amplifier, this is purely psychological but assures the person being mic’ed they are getting a clean microphone placed upon their skin.

Now I say that is psychological because the microphone was already wiped before being stored as I discovered many years ago that skin oil to a lesser degree and skin lotions commonly found on the female form will soak into the cable causing it to expand and crack, so all our lavs get a good wiping before storage, this procedure also removes any traces of perfume or cologne. Guys aren’t too bad about the odorants but I swear some women buy their perfume in fifty five gallon drums and dip themselves in it, and thusly can make a lav reek of their perfume.

Then after putting on a pair of lightweight cotton gloves (also in the bag) and using gravity and the weight of the amplifier hanging from the cable like a plumb bob, the amp is dropped to the waist line and then snaked around the rear and brought out, then the shirt or blouse is tucked back in.

Again the gloves are somewhat psychological, as for the most part my hands never touch the other persons skin but they do provide a layer of cloth between my hands and their body as many times I no more want touch them then they want to be touched by me.

Now at this point is where I have run into problems, most non-professionals both men and women do not like having another person tucking their shirt/blouse back in, whereas those who are mic’ed on a regular basis expect the guy or gal doing the work to put them back to the condition they where found in, so we simply ask do you want to get that or should I tuck you back in?

And then there are minors.

http://www.bhphotovide​ ...rkroom_Cotton_Glove​s.htmlexternal link

Making women feel like that you are not there to get peep at their goods is just part of the duties of a pro sound guy.

And if you have been doing it long enough, sooner or later you will come across the little vixen who expects you to pay attention to her endowments. ;-)a

Just keep it professional…


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anyone record audio from pa system?
FORUMS Post Processing, Marketing & Presenting Photos Video and Sound Editing

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