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Thread started 30 Mar 2015 (Monday) 03:48
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Canon EOS 5D Mark III, reviewed by aznkid248

TOGGLE RATINGS BETWEEN ALL AND aznkid248 (showing now: aznkid248)
Overall Rating9.5
Overall Image Quality10
Value for Money9
Must Have9.5
Suitability to Intended Use10
Got What I Expected10
AF Performance9.5
Handling and Ergonomics9.5
Ownership Status: "own"

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aznkid248's Avatar
174 posts
Joined Sep 2012
Jul 10, 2017 04:13 |  #31

rosh4u wrote in post #18393780 (external link)
Nice review which can be helpful for the person who is looking for the specifications and briefings of the camera. Thanks i'll look forward to taking shots.

TomCruise06 wrote in post #18391686 (external link)
Thanks for the review. Helped me get focused on buying an used 5D3

With the new cameras that I been testing for a while and owning a fuji xt2 for travel purposes and day to day use. I have to say that I still love my 5d3 no matter what. It still shoots amazing pictures. It fills that hunger for a beefer camera and full frame. To be, I can not be anymore happier using with my Sigma 50mm Art. Considering getting the tameron or sigma 24-70 to complete my collection.

I can definetly say that the 5d3, is the last reining king for canon dslrs specifically . Not saying that the 5dr, 5drs, 5d4 or 6d or 6d2 is crap. But, I still do not think it is a improvement enough for me to run out the door to pre-order or purchase one asap. The 5d3 is a refined tool that does a lot. Oh sure the 5d4 shoots a bit better for low light. But you can get yourself multiple lighting equipment for less than the 1000+ to a minor upgrade over the 5d3. I been through hell and rain with my 5d3, it is still my favorite camera to pick up even over my Fuji xt2, and even when I borrow any of the Sony a7 series or other newer cameras. I still think the 5d3 is worth the investment regardless of used or new. If u really want to pay the premium for the 5d4, it doesn't hurt. I just would not do it.

That is my opinion. You can take it with a grain a salt or you can read this and think it is a gold. It is up to you. But I would not think too long. Golden hour won't last long and the days that you are not shoot you are wasting time on your computer or deciding when you could be enjoy your 5d3/5d4 or whatever other camera that you are eyeing.

PM me, if you need some advice.


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Canon EOS 5D Mark III, reviewed by aznkid248
FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews

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