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FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
Thread started 17 Jun 2015 (Wednesday) 15:54
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Overall Rating9.5
Overall Image Quality9.5
Value for Money9.5
Must Have5.5
Suitability to Intended Use8.5
Got What I Expected10
AF Performance8
Handling and Ergonomics9.5
Ownership Status: "own"

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List all reviews of Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II, reviewed by RHChan84

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Jun 17, 2015 15:54 |  #1

Here is my review on the Canon G1X Mark2.

Let me start of by saying this camera is not for everyone.

I normally shoot with my 60D w/Tamron 17-50 and Canon 70-200 F4L IS and sometimes the 50f1.8 and 40f2.8. I have a 18-135 that I rarely use but still gets used. I also travel a good amount so carrying all that gear is a lot to carry around so I wanted something that is better then a Point and shoot but without the bulk of a DSLR but still have the ability to shoot full manual and RAW.

Canon's answer to that is the G7X, G1x and G1x Mark 2. I played with all of them and ended up with the G1x2. G1x was also a great choose but for a few hundred more, I can pick up the G1x2 that has faster focusing and better high ISO and also newer. Why didn't I choose the G7x? Well, simple, no hot shoe and only one ring which makes manual focusing in manual mode a lot easier when you have 2 rings. The G7x is smaller but the G1x2 was perfect for me and the right size. Big enough for my hands but small enough to throw in my backpack. I was very happy with my purchase and very comfortable.

We all know the specs of that camera but some things that you cannot see from paper is performance in the real world.

This seems to be a big topic when someone asks me about this camera. This is faster then a point and shoot but no where near a DSLR. But I was able to shoot a plane taking off without any issues and the photos came out sharp. But would I use this for sports? I have yet to try and I cannot say if it will pick that up. AF can be a hit or miss from what I have been reading and it's only been a hit or miss for me when it's up close (Macro) type shooting since I am still learning the focus limits but for everything else, I would say a 90% keeper rate overall including the close focus issues but I rarely do close/Macro shooting. For landscapes and moving objects (people walking or bugs moving), I haven't had an issue.

This is why i picked up this over a Point and shoot. I love my 60D and wish I can take it everywhere but I can't. My phone is decent for social media but I want more then that. I went to Niagara falls in the winter and it was beautiful and I went for work. I wished I had my DSLR but all I have was my phone which I was bummed about so I had to suck it up and take photos with my phone only. This happens a lot so I got sick and tired of it and tried bringing my 60D and only 18-135 but it was still too big to just throw in my backpack. IQ is amazing with sharp results which was important and especially up to ISO6400 and even ISO12800. Here is a quick sample of different ISO

ISO2500 https://c1.staticflick​ …80091503_3c1686​db53_b.jpg (external link)
ISO6400 https://c1.staticflick​ …03578941_f2d694​6eb8_b.jpg (external link)
ISO12800 https://c4.staticflick​ …13057418_cdd8fd​d274_b.jpg (external link)

Compared to the G7X, G7x is slightly sharper but only if you are pixel peeping but for printing photos onto a 8x10, it was sharp as a tack. I only tested the G7X at the store and then went home and played with the G1X and then compared sharpness and although it was different scenarios and lighting and so on, the G7x did look slightly sharper but not enough to give up the hot shoe, dual ring and comfort for the G7X.

-Wi-Fi-I did not think I would use the WiFi function at all but it's great for transferring photos to my phone so I can upload them to social media. Perfect for that and that's about it. The WiFi function to shoot is basic. All you can do is zoom and shutter. Nothing else. I was bummed about this but still a great little camera.
-Dual Rings-This is great especially for manual. The closer ring is for shutter speed and the thumb dial is for aperture meanwhile the outer ring on the lens is for MF. I did wish you can control the zoom with one of the rings and be able to customize it but that is a no-go.
-Hot-Shoe-This camera has been my go to camera for quick shots especially around the house. Sometimes the flash itself is not enough and utilizing my Cnaon 430EXII is great. Now the in-camera flash can be bounced slightly and can be moved while on the G7X, it cannot. Once it moves, the flash doesn't flash.
-Mag-Allow Body-This feels way more solid then my 60D and I am not worried about it being tossed around in my backpack while I travel
-Lens-24-120mm f2.0-3.9 lens is amazing. Not much more to say about it except this is a nice piece of glass.

Please let me know if there are any questions of samples you would like to see.

Canon (60D Gripped | 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS | 40mm f2.8 | 50mm f1.8 | 70-200 F4L IS| 430 EXII)
Tamron (17-50 f2.8 VC)
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Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II, reviewed by RHChan84
FORUMS Gear Reviews Camera Reviews 
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