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FORUMS Gear Reviews Flash Reviews
Thread started 31 Mar 2016 (Thursday) 14:49
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METZ mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital, reviewed by the1manchaos

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Overall Rating6.5
Value for Money9
Must Have5.5
Got What I Expected7.5
Metering Accuracy5.5
Ownership Status: "own"

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Joined Dec 2014
Mar 31, 2016 14:49 |  #1

The Metz 36 AF-5 is a barebones flashgun with the added bonus of an AF grid that makes focussing much faster in the dark compared to using the in-built flash.

There is no getting away from how cheap this flash gun is, I paid around £50 new for it. It feels quite cheaply built and is missing features such as manual control or a rotating head. On the other hand it does tilt thereby allowing me to learn about using bounce flash. Additionally it's not too bad on batteries and it is pretty bright. The back consists of an on/off switch, a test button, a charged indicator and a ettl on light.

I would recommend this flash for anyone that is very short of money but wants to explore using a flash. It's a good starter but be warned the inability to rotate will drive you mad at times.

Joined Dec 2014
Apr 10, 2016 10:49 |  #2

Here are some photo's showing the front and back of the flash. The diffuser is attached to the front at the moment.

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Joined Dec 2011
Apr 17, 2017 08:18 |  #3

I did not use this one but from my experience with Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 I can say - never buy a Metz flash! Its piezo element broke down on the second day. Fortunately they have a warranty service in my city so it was not difficult to have it replaced. But the new one also broke down after a couple of month. So now I cannot use the auto zoom feature. And, as a result, at long focal lengths the metering goes off completely (the reason must be that the flash thinks that it is zoomed when actually it is not). But even at short focal lengths the E-TTL metering is far from being consistent. So I am now thinking of buying a Yongnuo flash. According to the reviews, they seem to be much better.

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Jul 08, 2017 11:48 |  #4

Metz, at one time back in the days of film cameras, was a very reliable flash brand chosen by many professionals and chosen as the 'system flash' of certain brands of cameras (e.g. Hasselblad). In somewhat recent times they slipped into financial troubles, and probably suffered in product quality due to hard times particularly in the TV business. In Nov 2014 Metz-Werke GmbH filed for insolvency, and in April 2015 the flash part of the business was sold to the Daum Group and now operates as Metz mecatech GmbH, and the TV business was sold to a Chinese company.

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METZ mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital, reviewed by the1manchaos
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