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Thread started 15 Apr 2016 (Friday) 10:01
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The Basketball Thread!!! From Pee-Wee Leagues to the NBA... Post'em up and share!!!

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Apr 03, 2017 19:15 as a reply to post 18318705 |  #316

Thanks. I never downloaded DPP because I usually use LR4 for RAW conversion. I just downloaded DPP and the free version of Noiseware Community. I will try your workflow, hopefully this weekend. I'm also going to update the 7D firmware this weekend. My memory cards do need updated. My SD cards for the T2i are 45mb, and the CF cards for the 7D are Lexar and are the 800x.

I had no idea that in-camera settings such as contrast, sharpness, etc.... had any affect on RAW. I thought those just affected the JPEGS & the RAWs where universal regardless. It has kinda been a moot point when it comes to me shooting RAW. I usually only shot RAW when I've done landscapes/cityscapes so I could print large, usually 20x30 sometimes 40x60. Almost all of these images were daylight shots on tripods so my ISO was usually 100-200 and JPEGS probably would suffice. Saving for a new camera and was about to get the 80D but there is a rumor of a 6D MII. If the new 6D has a better FPS than the old one, it will be my choice.

Another thing I have to deal with is deadlines. I really don't have much time to download, edit, and transmit images after I get home. Most of the guys shooting for larger news outlets have to send images (for example a football game) after the 1st quarter, halftime, 3rd quarter, and final. I'm glad I don't have those deadlines. If you are in the media room editing you are missing a lot of action, sometimes significant plays. The guy who cover local sports for USA TODAY has to cover both teams, not just the home team. He busts his ASS!

Thanks for the help.

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Apr 03, 2017 19:40 as a reply to Pigpen101's post |  #317

In camera settings don't affect the raw file, however DPP honors all of those settings. If you feel you have your camera already set up properly for a shot, you don't have to use LR defaults or adjust each image again there, since LR doesn't honor those settings.

I take about 400 shots each NBA game, and when I used the 7D, I used DPP to bulk process and produce the JPG from the raw. I then set up an action in Photoshop I would run in bulk on those JPGs. The only individual attention I paid was to crop for composure, and adjust any levels if needed, so I am able to get these images out pretty quickly for the office. I could never shoot OOC JPG from the 7D, it had the old JPG engine, and the files needed too much work.

Now with the 5D4, I shoot JPG since the results are so good out of camera, and still run one of my "basketball" actions on all the files before paying individual attention. I spend alot less time with the 7D2 and 5D4 now that I can shoot JPG and use those results for some quick edits.

ISO 20K is pretty clean on the 5D4. :)

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May 28, 2017 16:20 |  #318

Wow, this is very encouraging to me... this is more like the venue that I'm forced to shoot in lol.. dark gyms etc. and you got some great shots with your t5I!
what would you attribute that too as I'm using my t3I still with a sigma 70-200 but I don't get results like this... is the canon lens a lot better than the sigma? I have noticed lately that a lot of my shots are out of focus, the sig sometimes struggles focusing and the t3i doesn't have the greatest tracking as many times it loses my target and focuses on background items lol.. I'm sure some of that is my fault but I can't help to think a 7dII and/or a canon 70-200 would help?

jweston wrote in post #18318716 (external link)
thumbnailHosted photo: posted by jweston in
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thumbnailHosted photo: posted by jweston in
forum: Sports

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Jun 05, 2017 02:00 |  #319

TeamSpeed wrote in post #18318705 (external link)
Imagenomic makes a free version for trial of JPG noise reduction, it is a standalone app. However should you decide to pay for it, it is a plugin for the image tools you might already have.​seware (external link)

I use Noiseware Pro inside PS CC 2017 and love it. If you take the time to read the manual, you can really get it to tune in really well. I use it as an action inside PS and it makes clean up easy with one click for specific levels for each image.

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Oct 19, 2017 00:58 as a reply to post 18247210 |  #320

I am new to the 7DII, i am trying to make the focus point illuminate when i use the back button for focus while looking thru the viewfinder window. I see that it is using the center focus when i chimp the pictures, but I don't see it lighting up when i focus. I can't seem to make the setting change.

any help with setting this aspect up on my 7D II??


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The Basketball Thread!!! From Pee-Wee Leagues to the NBA... Post'em up and share!!!
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