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Thread started 02 Nov 2017 (Thursday) 08:30
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X80 Macro - Who's Interested? - Share Pics

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Joined Jan 2015
Indianapolis, IN
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Nov 02, 2017 08:30 |  #1

The new X80 Macro lens is set to release in a month. Price is $1200. Macro is something I would like to do with my XT2. Before making the plunge, I am wondering what others in the Fuji community think? To me seems pricey for an X lens. Also know the lens could be multi-functional, i.e. good for portraits too. Anyone out there already committed? Also, I would be interested in seeing pics with the lens.

Just a guy with a camera trying to capture life one moment at a time.

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Houston, TX
Nov 02, 2017 14:14 |  #2

A few thoughts were shared here. .../showthread.php?t=1​484110

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Joined Jun 2011
Houston, TX
Nov 03, 2017 23:06 |  #3​m/watch?v=PIEnlQAiOpc (external link)

Cream of the Crop
Joined Feb 2008
Vancouver, BC
Nov 05, 2017 15:16 |  #4

If your committed to only the Fuji system i think there really isn't another alternative for top tier macro lens / portrait lens.

The interesting point is that this lens goes against the grain of every Fuji user as it's an extremely large and heavy beast. Almost seems the only comfort with this lens is a bulky battery gripped X-T2. I certainly would not want a lens of that size and weight with an X-e3 or X-t20.

Like anything we cope....... IQ wise I think it's a no brainer to buy the 80mm since it has a very small MFD due to Macro and long enough for portrait purposes as it's long enough to produce some nice compression of the image.

It's "ONLY" $1600 CDN (approx 1800 bucks after tax) LOL!!! It's the price to pay if you are a dedicated Fuji shooter. I'm fortunate that I have a Canon 100L image stabilized f/2.8 macro lens that is a killer portrait lens both on my Canon 80d crop(160mm FOV) and full frame Canon gear. Micro contrast/sharpness and colour render is insane and on the 100L. I'm certain the substantially more expensive Fuji 80mm will be close to the 100LIS.

I'm actually impressed how the Fuji 80mm is built. I think it will find it's way in a lot of peoples gear bag. However most budget minded people will go cheaper and just buy a 50mm f/2, 56mm or 90mm for portrait application and buy the cheaper old 60mm macro for macro use.

IMO $1800 CDN for me is not feasible for me or I bet many other photogs. 56mm or 90mm fuji prime seems to fit the application better and it's CHEAP compared to the 80mm that is f/2.8.

On the other hand some may approach the 80mm as a one trick pony and buy it for dual use and not buy the 56mm, 90mm or 50-140 for portrait application.

Time will tell for this new lens.....I still think there will be more Fuji lovers buying 90mm or 56mm for portrait application. The 60mm is fully capable of macro so this is why this is a very interesting time for the 80mm. We will see....

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Twin Cities
Nov 10, 2017 13:59 |  #5

I have this lens preordered at my local shop and to me it fits in perfectly with the mirrorless mantra of form over function. Let me explain.

here is a quote from another post of mine:

benji25 wrote in post #18455166 (external link)
I think this is the issue right here. To me everyone that uses a fuji seems to not be pixels peepers. Yes there are probably lenses and camera that out perform it if you look at 100% crop or at high ISO.

But everyone I know that uses Fuji uses it for 2 reasons: The form factor and the colors. Their lenses are sharp enough. The AF is good enough. The buffer and FPS are good enough. Yes you can look at other things that are bigger and more expensive but you only notice a difference if you specifically look for it and most times only if you compare side by side.

I think Fuji's marketing team nailed it. Just look at Zac Arias and his video on sensor size. Everyone I see on YouTube that uses Fuji and such all seem to be of the same style: they are sick of MP wars, pixel peeping and waiting 5 years between cameras. It is almost like they are concerned more about the emotion and art than the numbers and technology. In comes Fuji with very capable cameras in a fun form factor and good customer service to boot. A DOUBLING of the AF speed on a free firmware update? Like. Jesus. Fuji is nailing it right now.

If Canon/Nikon/Sony keep competing on pixel-peeping level differences they are going to continue to lose.

To me this describes the 80mm macro. It saves you from having to have a portrait lens and a macro lens thus simplifying your kit. Will it be the best portrait lens? Probably not. Will it be the best macro lens? Also probably not. But will it be the best lens for people trying to keep simple kits and that only care about "good enough"? Yes it will be the perfect lens (assuming it performs of course).

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X80 Macro - Who's Interested? - Share Pics
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