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FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre Sports Talk
Thread started 14 Dec 2017 (Thursday) 17:42
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Another "Which Lens" question canon 70-200f2.8 or 100-400

Mostly Lurking
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Dec 14, 2017 17:42 |  #1

I've been waiting for either of these lenses to go on special before I make the leap and as of yesterday they're both at 10% off so I'm heading down to my local store to buy one...Still cant decide which one though.

I have the Canon 600D with the twin kit lenses and spent the majority of this year taking photos of my boys playing Rugby using the 55-250mm kit lens which performed admirably most of the time. Next year my eldest moves to a full field while my youngest still plays on the half field for another year.

I've borrowed a 100-400 (series 1) from a friend and really noticed the weight (I'll get over it) but definitely missed the 55mm-100mm focal length. I didn't notice a huge amount of difference in the photos between the 100-400 and the kit lens but didn't pay much attention to the "keeper rate".

I've asked around, trolled the internet, read the reviews and still none the wiser. I had originally planned on the 100-400 but have been swung towards the 70-200.

I've looked through the Rugby thread here .../showthread.php?t=1​418607 and noticed quite a lot of people using the 70-200f2.8, a few using the 300mm f2.8 and some using the 100-400.

I also checked through the hundreds of rugby photos I took this year to see what focal length they were....some days I would have used under 100mm 5% of the time some days it may have been up to 15% of the time. I would have the same percentages at 250mm focal length also. Add to this that both my boys were playing on the half field this year and I assume that as they progress to the full field I would use under 100mm focal length less.

Can anyone help, I know it's a very subjective question and I'll be happy with either lens and at the same time also wish I bough the other one!!

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Arlington, VA
Dec 14, 2017 20:36 |  #2

Very subjective indeed. You can't really go wrong with either lens.

The old 100-400 just doesn't compare to the newest version. I owned it and now have the II version. I also own the 70-200 II.

If my only consideration was rugby in good light, I would not hesitate to purchase the 100-400 II. I like the 100-400 so much, I take it as my primary lens if I'm shooting daylight baseball and lacrosse. I also own the 400/2.8L IS II, so that should give you an idea how good the latest version of the 100-400 is if I'm willing to leave a $10K lens at home and to use a $2K one instead.

The advantage of the 70-200 is its versatility (an all-around workhorse) and being one stop faster, which is huge for low light experienced with evening and night games.

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Mostly Lurking
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Joined Sep 2017
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Dec 14, 2017 22:05 as a reply to pat.kane's post |  #3

Thanks for the help....I'm pleased with your response as I've just bought the 100-400.
I wasnt going to procrastinate on it, it was a great price and I know they will sell quickly a week out from Christmas.
Mostly they're advertised in Australia at $2800 or $2900 (not grey import) but you dont have to look very hard to find it for $2650 or there abouts...Just bought it for $2339 plus Canon have a $150 cash back on on top so $2189 is what I got it for ߘ.
Very pleased with the price hopefully I'll be pleased with the Lens

Thanks again

a mere speck
Joined May 2011
Gainesville, Florida
Dec 15, 2017 00:33 |  #4

Congrats on your new lens. I also have both but use the 100-400Lii a lot more than the 70-200 because I do a lot of bird photographs. I bought the 70-200 for people instead of wildlife. It's great for that.

Kim (the male variety) Canon 1D IV | 6Dc | 16-35 f/4 IS | 24-105 f/4 IS |100L IS macro | 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II | 100-400Lii | 50 f/1.8 STM | Canon 1.4X III
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Joined Aug 2008
The Great White North
Dec 15, 2017 19:02 |  #5

Daytime rugby, the 100-400 II will work a treat. Superb lens. Enjoy!

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Issaquah, WA USA
Dec 15, 2017 19:57 |  #6

With some very limited shooting time around the field, I've definitely preferred my 100-400 vs the 70-200, simply because the action moves one end to the other faster than I do; so, I appreicate being able to get the far action without having to get up/down the pitch the same way the players do. I found a combo of the 24-105 and 100-400 worked better to frame the shots I was attempting than the 70-200, which was frequently too long or too short.

Congrats on the new lens; just be sure to keep an eye on the ISO; it needs a lot of light to keep your shutter up where you need it at the longer focal lengths.

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Another "Which Lens" question canon 70-200f2.8 or 100-400
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