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Old 27th of January 2007 (Sat)   #1
Andy T
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Default G3 Troubleshoting

Everything on my G3 seems to be working except the phtoto sensor. But I don't understand why or what to do about it.

I hadn't used my G3 in 36 months or so, but had kept it plugged into the ac adapter. I tried to use it recently and the camera didn't come all the way on. The battery meter said the battery wasn't fully charged. As the battery was original, I figured it had taken a set and needed to be replaced. So I bought a new battery, charged it up for 24 hrs, and started the camera. It came on and the battery meter said it was fully charged. But there's no image on the LCD when in the shooting mode.

I can scroll through all the lists and functions and menus just fine on the LCD screen. The flash goes off when I press the shutter all the way down. I can see pictures from the memory card fine in the review mode. The camera takes a picture (there's a file on the memory card after pressing the shutter) but its pitch black.

I've updated the firmware to no effect.

Does anybody have any thoughts on what happened to my camera? And if there's anything I can do to fix it?

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Old 27th of January 2007 (Sat)   #2
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting


Try this thread
There are 2 spindles of wires, one or both could be loose or off.
Ive had this happen 3 times to my LCD screen
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Old 28th of January 2007 (Sun)   #3
Andy T
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting


Thanks for the reply and digging up the links.

Unless I'm missing something, I don't think I have the same problem. My LCD seems to work fine when given something to show. When I turn the camera on the blue screen with the Canon logo comes right up. When I switch to the review mode, old files on my memory card come up just fine. When I'm in the shooting mode, I can bring up the various menus and settings on the LCD OK. There's just no "picture" there-just black. As if the lense cap was still on (its not though. I'm sure.). When I "take" a picture the flash goes off, I hear a mechanical noise as if the shutter moved and the file counter goes up. The file is just a sea of black though.

Without understanding what actually goes on inside the camera, I'd describe the problem as seeming as though light isn't getting through the lens to the photo sensor.
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Old 28th of January 2007 (Sun)   #4
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting

it sounds an obvious answer, but have you tried press the 'display' button once whilst in shooting mode? On the G3, you can cycle between showing a preview and not showing a preview by pressing the 'display' button.

NB: This feature is good if you want to save battery by turning the LCD off during shooting mode.
andrew crighton
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Old 28th of January 2007 (Sun)   #5
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting

Andy T, my G3 is having the same problem too. It was fine all this while and suddenly everything become black. It seems that my lense is broken inside as it is not getting any light pass through and I can take picture and even view images on the memory card, but all picture taken is black. I wonder if it is just some part got loose inside the camera or require to replace the whole lense.

my G3 is 3 yrs old and I wouldnt want to spend a fortune just to replace the lense.

has anyone else experience this before?
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Old 28th of January 2007 (Sun)   #6
Andy T
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Join Date: Jan 2007
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting

That's not it. When in a shooting mode, I can have things like the focus zone be on the LCD. Pressing the display buttom wipes them off. Pressing display again brings them back.

Thanks for the thought.
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Old 23rd of March 2007 (Fri)   #7
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Angry Re: G3 Troubleshoting

My G3 is also about 3 yrs+ old. Lcd shows fine, AE focus fine can capture picture,
however it is overexposed to white. Tried various settings, same results.
Does CCd eventually go bad? This Canon has been crap since new.
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Old 28th of March 2007 (Wed)   #8
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting

I've had my G3 since 2003 and its still ticking over nicely. Not used much now though since I upgraded to an XT. Can't help with OP's problem, sorry!
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Old 29th of March 2007 (Thu)   #9
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Default Re: G3 Troubleshoting

I would try the wires even if you think that might not be it. A number of people (including me) had simillar problems with the G3 LCDs and that was the fix. If nothing else, you're not gonna hurt the camera for having tried that, and the only other option is to send it in to Canon for repair, which is going cost $200 bucks or so. You've got nothing to lose by opening it up, and it's easy to do.
- Matt
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