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FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Nature & Landscapes 
Thread started 10 Jul 2007 (Tuesday) 23:18
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Minneapolis, MN

Mostly Lurking
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Jul 10, 2007 23:18 |  #1

Let me start off by saying I had a great time taking these regardless of the comments. I hope to learn from the feedback here so if you guys have comments please give me suggestions on how to better PP the photo. These photos are almost straight out of the camera. Just slight tweaks with Picasa. I'm learning how to use Lightroom at the moment and may re-PP these based on everyones feed back.

Alright tear em apart!






My comments:
Photo 3, I can't straighten the picture because the smoke stacks seem like they're slanted inward with the bridge is straight. Not sure how or if I need to fix this.
Photo 4, I'm not sure if the railing adds or takes away from the photo but I had to rest the camera on there so I figured why not.
Photo 5, by far my favorite pic. I'm going to redo this in Lightroom once I learn how to properly use it. I don't think it looks too bad as is but CC are greatly welcome here as I will eventually print this out and frame it.
One thing I'd like to do is add a frame/boarder around the photos. I think it gives it the extra touch, a polished look. If anyone has tips on how I can go about adding the boarder/frame please chime in.
thanks again for any help/advice.

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Joined Jun 2007
Location: Colorado Springs
Jul 10, 2007 23:44 |  #2

Shots 1 and 5 are my favorites. Not sure if I have enough dig/photo experience to give any helpful suggestions. :oops: Great shots overall!

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Joined Jul 2006
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Aug 02, 2007 13:50 |  #3

i like the composition, but all of the photos look way oversaturated. try toning it down a little and it should look much better.

Justin Evidon
Minneapolis, MN
http://www.justinevido​ (external link)

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Location: San Francisco
Aug 02, 2007 16:06 as a reply to  @ jevidon's post |  #4

My favorite is the first one -- particularly what appears to be water flowing onto the cherry. And I agree that it looks like you laid on the saturation button a bit too long. As for your question about whether the railing in the one shot is distracting, frankly, I think the railing is the most interesting part of the shot. I like the shiny, reflective surface.

Wishing you and your city well in light of yesterday's tragedy.

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Location: Australia Central Coast
Aug 02, 2007 16:26 |  #5

Really like how you have tried to work the lines in all the shots. 5th one is my favorite out the bunch

Cheers Robert
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Cream of the Crop
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Aug 02, 2007 22:38 |  #6

Very nice photos. I live in the TC. Especially like your shot from the Walker's Sculpture garden.


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Minneapolis, MN
FORUMS Photo Sharing & Visual Enjoyment Nature & Landscapes 
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