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View Poll Results: What exposure mode to you use the most?
Av (Aperture Priority) 571 58.44%
Tv (Shutter Priority) 58 5.94%
M (Manual) 221 22.62%
P (Program) 107 10.95%
Auto (Full Auto - Green Mode) 13 1.33%
One of the Image Zone modes (Sports, Landscape, etc) 7 0.72%
Voters: 977. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #1
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Default What's your favorite mode: Av, Tv, Manual, P, or Auto? Why?

I learned about photography many years ago in high school, first with a borrowed Pentax K-1000 and then with a Minolta XG-1. As you may recall, the K-1000 was a manual mode camera and the XG-1 had manual and aperture priority (Av) shooting modes. I then went to a Minolta X-700 for many years until very recently. The X-700 had Manual, Av and P modes.

So, since for a long time I used cameras that offered primary manual or Av modes, I find myself shooting in Av mode or manual with my 10D. I tend to think in aperture priority and think about DOF before I think about freezing the action.

So I'm curious what mode you folks primarily use and why?

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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #2
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AV mode almost always - 99.9%,

For birds I just flip to maximum aperture to get as much shutter speed as possible. For my attempts at landscape I'm usually at min aperture for max DoF. For stuff in between I try to guess at DoF to highlight the subject. I haven't yet shot an action shot I gues, or very few.

I do, however, keep an eye on the shutter to get an idea of where I'm at.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #3
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I shoot manual almost exclusively because sports is one of my main areas. I generally keep the aperture at max and the shutter speed at whatever the meter tells me--I keep an eye on the meter all the time and will adjust the shutter as necessary. It just gives me more control over the exposure.

Once in a while I will shoot in Av for sports though, if the light is going to change a lot. For example I was shooting a cross country meet and it was a cloudy day and the sun kept coming in and out so I put the camera on Av with max aperture and let it change the shutter accordingly.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #4
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i take a bit of a different approach. if shooting a moving subject i shoot Tv. stationary subject Av. if i don't like the scenario the camera chooses, i switch to manual. i try not to shoot at maximum aperature, but alot of the time we have no choice.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #5
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by the way LouDawg, where in il. are you?
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #6
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I prefer Av because it gives me immediate control over depth of field. I usually like to shoot in the middle f/stops unless I'm trying to get a particular effect.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #7
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Outdoors, Av. Indoors, M with flash.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #8
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It depends on what I'm shooting and the result I want. I'll use M for macros with flash and most other "controlled situation" shooting. Tv for racing vehicles and planes if I want to stop action or motion blurring. If I need to control DOF or need the wider aperture, I'll use Av. And when I just want to take snapshot pictures without caring about any of the above, I leave the camera on P and just shoot away.

So, I didn't click on any of the buttons because none of them truly shows what mode I use. Too bad there isn't a "all of the above" button.
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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #9
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If I am taking pictures for "****s n' giggles" or something that requires quick shooting AV. For anything else M, it just gives you absolute control.......

I tried auto for the first time in about 3 months, almost made me feel stupid hahaha.

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Old 2nd of November 2004 (Tue)   #10
Ballen Photo
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I voted AV, as thats what I use most of the time, but TV when I want control over movement blur, or shooting with a longer lens.
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Old 3rd of November 2004 (Wed)   #11
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AV 99% of the time for all the reasons mentioned above. I want sharp subject with a nice soft background.
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Old 3rd of November 2004 (Wed)   #12
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I voted for P, since that is really what I have been shooting in most, but that "most" is a very qualified one. I would say that I use P perhaps 55% of the time, with Tv close second (35%) and am just exploring Av and M more these days (I've only had the camera for 2 weeks).

So I'm not sure if this is a truly fair poll, since from the comments I've read, most people don't shoot in one mode exclusively.
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Old 3rd of November 2004 (Wed)   #13
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I am off on holiday for 2 weeks, so I am going to throw a hand grenade in

I bet there are a load of people on here who shoot P or the little green box, and there is no way they are going to admit it

See you when I get back

Neil - NHR Photography
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Old 3rd of November 2004 (Wed)   #14
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This is not the first time we're having this poll!

My "default" mode is Av, because it allows me to control the depth of field.
I almost always use partial metering on my 10D and I meter for the highlights, and use + exposure compensation to get the exposure I want.
I also use M mode often.

I almost never use Tv and P, and I've never ever used green box or any of the other "dummy" modes.
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Old 3rd of November 2004 (Wed)   #15
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First ... I use a G2, so DOF control is not so much of an issue (unfortunately )

When I'm lazy and there are good shooting conditions, I shoot P. I also turn the dial to 'P' when I turn off the camera, because it has happened to me that a photo occasion arose, I quickly turned on the camera and had some spoilt picture at 1/15 because I had set the camera to AV or M mode without flash.

When I want the camera to avoid the large aperture in order to get a sharp picture (dark shooting conditions), I use AV mode set to f/5.6.

For night shots, I nearly always use manual mode.

The pre-set modes are not an option for me, as they do not support RAW.

Best regards,
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