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Thread started 22 Oct 2009 (Thursday) 07:05
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How much to charge for senior pictures???

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Well, I had a lady contact me a couple weeks ago after seeing my friends senior pictures that I took (​ad.php?t=763786) and she asked me if I would be interested in taking her sons. I was very honest with her and let her know that I am new to this and I sent her multiple examples of pictures that I have taken so she could see the quality that I was capable of providing her. I also explained to her that I do NOT have a studio so I would not be able to get some of the typical "studio" shots that some other places could provide her either. She has looked at the examples and has now come back and wants me to give her a ballpark price for taking her sons shots now and she said she really likes the quality of the examples that I provided to her. Here is a list of the differnt shots that she would like for me to take:

a. Bow and arrow in his camo
b. All his duck hunting gear
c. Deer hunting rifle & attire
d. Football
e. Baseball
f. Wrestling
g. One with him and his truck
h. Random outdoor shots

I have hunted and played all of these sports for years so I am sure I can find great outdoor locations for these and get pretty creative on them but this is alot of time and changing locations!!! My question is this, what do you think a fair price would be for her and I both if I was to do this and we took pictures in all of these different locations and outfits? I want it to be fair to her and I both, if that is possible, but I also want to get paid for the time that it will take me, which I am guessing will be 4-5 hours total and then I am sure we will end up with a couple hundred shots that I will give to her on a CD? And yes, I will be doing some minor touch-ups, crops, etc, but she will take care of all of the printing.

Let me know what you think.

Oct 22, 2009 07:05

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Hmmmm...uhhhh...well..​.okay...I'll get the party stated...

You're looking at a paid gig - one of your first. This lady likes your work. You could use more experience shooting. She's willing to pay you. Sounds like a win/win for both parties. Now you need a price for:

  • At least 8 different setups (your list)
  • At least 5 locations (merging a few from your list)
  • At least 4-5 hours (your guesstimate)
  • Around 200 images (your guesstimate)
  • Minor retouching (touch-ups, crops, etc.)

Up to this point given your other work samples, the $300 figure keeps coming to my mind.

  • Providing shots to the client on CD for her to print

This is your deal killer. You'll loose control of the images and the final print quality. Almost everyone here on POTN will tell you the same thing: Don't do this.

The better option is go ahead and start acting like the professional you are becoming. Put together an inexpensive online gallery (plenty to choose from - Exposure Manager is a good choice for many reasons at this point in your career.) Post your 20-30 best images and let them order whatever they want through the site.

But...if you do just give them a CD, you really shouldn't give them more than 40 images. More than that will just confuse them. And you may as well try for an even $500 and negotiate down from there if necessary. (Odds are you'll have 10+ hours in this entire process, so you're looking at $50/hr best case scenario.)

Good luck with your gig. Keep us posted...
Oct 22, 2009 16:38

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Thanks! That is what I am thinking also and $300-$400 comes to mind to cover the time and then let her know that I will supply her a minimum of 50 shots and I will do "touch-ups" on 15 of her choice. I will let you know how it goes and I agree that this could be a win-win and give me some more practice but also help pay for some of the gear.

Oct 23, 2009 09:21 as a reply to klynam's post 16 hours earlier.

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How much to charge for senior pictures???
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