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Old 6th of July 2010 (Tue)   #1
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Default Recommended workflow

Hi - I'm just starting out in DSLR video so excuse the newbie questions.

I'm shooting with a 7D and I love the look of footage shot in 24p. I'm wondering if any of you guys have a preferred workflow for getting the footage from your camera, editing it and exporting to decent quality format.

I have both premiere and after effects (I've used after effects quite a bit but premiere is fairly new to me). The format that comes straight off the 7D seems to kill my computer a bit so - do you guys convert to anything else before begining editing?

And what formats are you working with for best quality? Mostly I will want to be converting to a format to use on the web (so eventually being played in flash) but would like to burn to DVD as well so the final output needs to decent.

And - I'm doing this on my laptop and it's killing my machine. I thought I had a decent spec machine - Intel core duo 2.4, 512mb Nvidia GeForce 9700 graphics card and 4GB DDR3 but it's really struggling with these files.

Any tips for best results without killing my machine?

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Old 6th of July 2010 (Tue)   #2
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

My workflow is to bring the files into my system, pull them right into premiere, then add some color correction or something so that premiere can render it. once rendered it will playback fine. I am working with the T2i but the 7D has the same video output of an AVCHD .mov file, if you want to convert it to an AVCHD .avi file it might work a little better. Also, look at your settings on your sequence, it might be trying to fit HD files into the size of an SD window and resizing will murder your processor.

mainly, make sure you are rendering every little bit, and you have your input sequence settings set correct for the file type you are working with. you've got enough memory, (physical and graphical) and you should be taxing your processor with only 2 cores but not absolutely killing it. make sure you do have the thing plugged in so you can get as much power as possible too. Also make sure that its on some sort of cooling surface, working with HD will get a processor HOT.

hope that helps.
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Old 10th of July 2010 (Sat)   #3
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

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Old 10th of July 2010 (Sat)   #4
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

What version of premiere do you have?

If its CS5 drop the files into a timeline as they are, edit then export to h.264 or avi. or whatever you want at about 6-8mbps.

If it's anything other than that, you need to convert the footage to something else. Try MPGEG streamclip (google it and download it) and convert the footage. Import the converted footage and do the same to it.

Basically, only CS5 will handle the native files smoothly, nothing else will. In an ideal world, convert the footage using a good codec like Cineform.

Generally, don't expect great playback performance from a dual-core whilst editing 1080p though :/
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Old 10th of July 2010 (Sat)   #5
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

I use Final Cut Pro, I have heard that P Pro does not have a problem with H.264 which is what the canon records. I always convert to another codec for editing purposes as h.264 is for aquisition and delivery. Try using a codec like DVCProHD or Cineform . It playback also depends on the speed of your drive. If you have a fairly current laptop your drive should be fast enough but I think you want to have a drive that spins at at least 7200 rpm for best results. Also as mentioned above render every once in a while as this will keep the laptop from trying to think thru many layers of video and effects. export as high a quality as you can manage to. I have heard some people having probs with windows 2 gig file size limit. I am on a mac so i rarely deal with it.

As for mangement. Keep your original files in one place and xformed files in another. remember the original files are your tapes essentialy. Keep usable media and render files on the same drive so the computer does not have t search and jump back and forth between drives.

Have fun and experiment.
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Old 11th of July 2010 (Sun)   #6
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

Thanks for you help guys.

I'm actually trying Sony Vegas at the moment and it absolutely flies on my machine - much faster than premiere - and it handles the files straight from the camera.

Still loads to learn though...
5d Mark II + whatever lenses I have on the day..
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Old 11th of July 2010 (Sun)   #7
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Default Re: Recommended workflow

very helpful responses, thanks.
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