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My work with Finnish RSO (RSO = Radio Symphony Orchestra) is to play Double-bass. Photography is to me what I call "a serious hobby", and I sometimes bring a camera to concert halls and tours. Because I am most of the time playing on stage with others, I am very rarely able to get live concert photos. My best chances of doing photography are limited to traveling, rehearsal breaks and those occasions when I am free of e.g. concertos (when all 8 bassists are not needed and I have possiblity to be off that shift).

What I have tried to portray is the positive energy FRSO has, and how we are bonded outside of stage, too. We work hard but we are also quite relaxed bunch and enjoy the company of others. My style of photography is to make people forget the camera (this involves shooting lot of dummy shots), create strong subject separation to take photos which hopefully have depth in many directions. Concert halls restrict what and how I can shoot: lights may be good or (in most Finnish halls) bad and possible shooting locations to choose from are great in some halls and almost nonexistent in some.

Not all FRSO musicians are individually portrayed on this gallery. This is simply a practical limitation by what I have time to do on those shooting breaks. Some people are presented more often because they are closer and camera likes them and they like the camera. Sakari Oramo is of course a dominant subject, and I have tried to do something else than standard photos of him and his conducting.

I hope you enjoy the gallery. Feel free to comment any of the photos and please also sign the guestbook.

For those interested in technical details: most shots are taken with Canon 1D Mark II camera with mainly 70-200 f/2.8(IS) and 85 f/1.2L lenses. Each photo contains detailed capture data and you can also use detailed listing methods above to have detail overview.

All photos are uncropped and developed from RAW image with Capture One Professional 3.7 and Etcetera Canon 1D Mark II profiles.

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