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photographer Pekka Saarinen.
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The Cathedral by Night

Thin snowing was diffused by a long exposure and wind. The snow melted on warm street for a nice shiny look. The lights of the streetlamps were reflected nicely from the "snow fog". The cathedral of Helsinki is usually photographed in sunshine and alone, but my feeling is the most magical moment is when you approach that beautiful church behind the buildings - not when it's all revealed and pale on a big square. Notice the Pacman figure stamped on the church stairs - someone had fun!

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the detail and clarity is outstanding.

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This is magnificent ! Another of my favorites of your pictures. The level of detail in both the bright areas and dark areas is perfect.

Allan Seppa , United States

hide photo detail info photographer: Pekka Saarinen | shooting date: 02/27/01 | country: Finland | location: Helsinki | in gallery: Seven months with Canon G1 | categories: Architecture, All | shutter speed: 1.3s | aperture: f/4.5 | ISO: 50 | lens: Canon G1 inbuilt lens @ 14.6mm (71mm in 35mm film SLR) | camera: Canon G1
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