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 (LAST PHOTO)photographer Pekka Saarinen.
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Line Art

Our kitchen lamp was some time my favourite sill life subject, and I got many photos of it in different compositions. I liked this one the best because the framing deceives the eye to think the lamp is not straight and perhaps not a lamp at all. The wall detail and lamp texture show really well. I used a tripod on a table, circular polarizer for reducing reflections from the black wooden foot of the lamp, and a slow shutter or 1/6s which produced some 'hot pixel like' noise on the photo. G1's noise reduction jumps in at too low speeds: the problem arises only when the camera gets warm. You might see some heat noise up to 1/10 speeds. Please, Canon: set the noise reduction treshold to 1/10! The noise does not show at all on this 50% image because it 'resamples away' with resize interpolation. I used PS to make this just a little bit brighter, and removed some pieces of lint from the table and the lamp hood.

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hide photo detail info photographer: Pekka Saarinen | country: Finland | location: Helsinki | in gallery: Seven months with Canon G1 | categories: Artsy Stuff, Still Life, All | shutter speed: 1/50s | aperture: f/5.6 | ISO: 100 | lens: Canon G1 inbuilt lens @ 9.3mm (45mm in 35mm film SLR) | camera: Canon G1
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