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photographer Pekka Saarinen.
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The Sun Arrived to Helsinki

At last we had some sunshine! This spot is near my house, and it caught my attention with the beautiful low sunshine through the treetops. The shadows on the houses add to the depth and composition. A Circular Polarizer was used.

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A fine shot indeed, Pekka. The archicture makes this shot - what wonderful colours and I expect the polariser completes the effect. I like your work, especially "the chair in the attic" and of course those wonderful night shots, from Helsinki. Iv'e just invested in a Canon Power Shot G5, but havnīt received it yet. I was at sixes and sevens as to which digital camera to buy, but after seeing your great photos, I was sold on a PowerShot.Canīt wait to get my hands on the little devil. Cheers and good shooting, Thomas

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, Denmark

hide photo detail info photographer: Pekka Saarinen | shooting date: 06/04/01 | country: Finland | location: Helsinki | in gallery: Seven months with Canon G1 | categories: Architecture, All | shutter speed: 1/200s | aperture: f/2.8 | ISO: 100 | lens: Canon G1 inbuilt lens | camera: Canon G1
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