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photographer Pekka Saarinen.
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Pekka Lehti, bass

Pekka Lehti is a very big star in folk music scene, and he has received five gold records and two platinum records. He plays bass in Värttinä which is a very active and famous band which tours a lot around the world. This is a room where Pekka rehearses when in Finland. Read more of Pekka Lehti and his music in http://www.aitorecords.com

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hide photo detail info photographer: Pekka Saarinen | shooting date: 06/04/01 | country: Finland | location: Helsinki | in gallery: Seven months with Canon G1 | categories: Portraits, People, All | shutter speed: 1/30s | aperture: f/2 | ISO: 50 | lens: Canon G1 inbuilt lens | camera: Canon G1
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