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photographer Pekka Saarinen.
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Magnus Lindberg, Composer

This is one of several shots I got when I followed Magnus build his set for his composition 'Kraft'. Kraft uses an enormous arsenal of instruments from symphony orchestra to junkyard car parts and buckets full of water. It's a real happening to see it performed, and the day this photo was taken we (Finnish RSO) performed it with Magnus himself and Esa-Pekka Salonen was conducting. That amount of talent brought contemporary music, which is often considered academic, alive and kicking. I had many similar shots where Magnus was in focus, but this one seemed to have more message about composition itself - also the expression of Lindberg's face was so interestingly many-sided.

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Amazing photo : indeed modern music is not academic, but (mostly) alive and kicking. Magnus Lindberg is one of the great composers of this time, but still only known to a small minority audience. May he write many more works. Your photo did catch the moment : especially the pedestrians which are not allowed to cross.

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