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Astronomy & Celestial Talk

FORUMS Photography Talk by Genre  
Astronomy and celestial photography tips, gear, methods, places, time and space.. To share photos on this subject, go to photo sharing forum Astronomy & Celestial.
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STICKY: Astro Technique How-To's  
by Jon (over 12 years ago) 1
STICKY: Astrotrac questions [page 1, last page: 2
by FuzzSummit (over 10 years ago) 1
STICKY: Photo Sharing?  
by Pekka (over 13 years ago) 1locked
See a Strawberry Moon, 5 Planets at Once, A Meteor Shower, and More Astro Events This Month  
by Inspeqtor (28 days ago) 1
Vger (from Star Trek) is STILL OUT There!! (Voyager 1)  
by Inspeqtor (1 month ago) 1
Canon 6D MkII  
by wysiwyg59 (1 month ago) 1
Need Help with Stellarium  
by Inspeqtor (2 months ago) 1
Interesting deviceā€¦  
by John from PA (2 months ago) 1
New R5 owner here, which UWA zoom lens to replace my UWA 11-16 Tokina f2.8  
by mtbdudex (4 months ago) 1
I have... My budget is... What is best for my goals?  
by Shaun Liddy (4 months ago) 1
Replacement for Time Lapse assembler?  
by mtbdudex (over 2 years ago) 1
Words of wisdom for Newbie?  
by bsiegler (5 months ago) 1
BH Photo, Astronomics, etc, price increase.  
by jgoetz4 (5 months ago) 1
Using a 1.4x tc  
by jgoetz4 (6 months ago) 1
Which mount skywatcher or celestron?  
by Dave Harries (7 months ago) 1
Moon To Align With 3 Other Planets Tonight  
by Inspeqtor (6 months ago) 1
The longest lunar eclipse this century will happen November 19, 2021 [page 1, last page: 2
by Inspeqtor (8 months ago) 1
Bad News for Astrophographers​. [page 1, last page: 2
by Bogino (over 1 year ago) 1
Saturn Is About to Be the Closest It Can Get to Earth on Aug. 2 - So Look Up! [page 1, last page: 2
by Inspeqtor (11 months ago) 1
Long Exposure Noise Reduction with Canon R6 for Astrophotography​?  
by clueless1960 (10 months ago) 1
Clarity issues at a specific zoom  
by Precision308 (10 months ago) 1
Canon 600mm f/4 vs Sky-Watcher Evo Doublet Refractor 600mm f/7.5 (80mm)  
by jgoetz4 (11 months ago) 1
Need Assistance Using Intervalometer Please  
by Bogino (11 months ago) 1
Should I use a red starscape filter from hoya  
by Precision308 (11 months ago) 1
After the shot - Post Processing  
by BillKaroly (11 months ago) 1
Magnification question  
by jgoetz4 (over 1 year ago) 1
Altair Astro 26C - Dedicated Astrophotography Camera with Sony IMX571 Sensor  
by awong101 (over 1 year ago) 1
Any advantage/disadv​antage of DSLR vs mirrorless for astrophotography​?  
by Dynalmadman (over 1 year ago) 1
Avoiding clouds before a night of shooting  
by samshootsfilms (over 1 year ago) 1
Stellarium Still acting Odd  
by Pagman (over 1 year ago) 1
Astrophotography under light pollution  
by Tareq (over 2 years ago) 1
Finnish astrophotographe​r spends 12 years creating a Milky Way mosaic  
by Scrumhalf (over 1 year ago) 1
Orion Nebulae  
by ScottMurphy (over 1 year ago) 1
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